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Prompt: Old dudes in love giving candy to wee mutants at the school!

I know I’m a day behind! Sorry! I ran out of pre-written ones and yesterday was SUPER busy (I had a zillion things to do at work, plus Doug was in which meant that I spent way more time than usual goofing off, then I came home, made dinner, recorded a podcast, and then subjectoftowels and Christine arrived for the weekend so…yes. Busy. I’m going to try and post another one tonight—it’s already half written!)


"You’re a crazy old man," Erik says, not for the first, or even the tenth, time tonight. In the course of their decades of personal history, it’s not even in the first ten thousand times he’s said it.

"I am not," Charles says. "I’m thoughtful and enterprising and kind."

Outside, another roll of thunder shakes the house to its foundation. Charles closes his eyes briefly, lips curling into a frown of concern. Although Erik isn’t a telepath, enough years living with one in a house full of children of various ages has made him sensitive enough to pick up on when Charles is reaching out to comfort someone who’s frightened. He feels momentarily guilty for being a grump, but in his old age at least it’s expected that grumpiness is expected to frequently win out.

A moment later Charles opens his eyes and looks back at Erik pointedly.

"I’m compassionate,” he says.

"You’re dotty," Erik says. "Are we really supposed to hide in our bedroom all night in costume, giving out candy to children? Aren’t there better things to do with our time?"

"We’re not hiding," Charles says. Behind him, the door opens and Moira appears with a large bowl of candy, another bag stuff under her arm. "We’re waiting for trick-or-treaters."

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