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Help show Trayvon’s Mom, that she has all of our support on this first Mother’s Day without her son.  Share your cards, letters, photos, drawings and poems for Sybrina here. 

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MAD Free Gets Personal for Mothers Day
[A message from Michaela angela Davis, of MAD Free…]

Mothers, Mothering Spirits and Friends,

I hope you all felt the love and support of the mothering spirit yesterday and everyday, as you all know I had the honor to work with The Huffington Post/BlackVoices on the “For Sybrina” Campaign a Mother’s Day Tribute to Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martins mom and by extension we we honored mothers everywhere who have lost children. We received 100s of handmade cards, poems, video messages, photos and of course letters of love. It was a humbling and powerful reminder of the power of love to heal, everything.

Now it gets personal.
I did a very intimate MADFree conversation with survivor, writer, free spirit and my mother, Helen Delaney. We gathered a small group of shining sisters in my favorite neighborhood cafe and talked about losing her 17-year-old son Eddie, Sybrina Fulton, hope and the strength of the human spirit

We did this to support Sybrina and inspire as many mothers and spirits as we can. If it touches you, please pass it along: http://huff.to/J5wQcw


[CAMPAIGN] For Sybrina: Show Your Support And Share Your Mother’s Day Wishes For Trayvon Martin’s Mother
#MADFree, Huffington Post & Black Voices Support Sybrina Fulton with the  “#4Sybrina” Campaign
Read the inspiration behind For Sybrina: “Standing for Sybrina Fulton on Mother’s Day”
As always check the MAD Free page for fresh info: facebook.com/MADFreeMichaelaAngelaD | Twitter: @MichaelaAngelaD | #4Sybrina

MAD Free has proudly partnered with Huffington Post Black Voices to create the For Sybrina Campaign. May 13th Sybrina Fulton in the midst of an extremely public, provocative, and painful trail and having just buried her son, Trayvon Martin, will face her first Mother’s Day. For Sybrina is a campaign to collect expressions of love in the form of cards, wishes, prayers, photos, and videos to send to Sybrina to keep her standing.

This Mother’s Day we want to salute, support and stand for Sybrina Fulton and by extension, honor the dignity and strength of mother’s everywhere who have lost children. Please join us…#4Sybrina

Here’s How: Post a message (and like us) now –> http://huff.to/Jtnjfj

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A sunset is a sight of a retiring sun, beautiful but still an end to a bright and sunshiny day. Trayvon will always be a shining orb in the hearts of many, even those who never knew him before his tragic end.

I am a childless black woman, so I cannot relate or imagine how it feels to have a son, let alone to lose one. However, I am overwhelmingly sorry for the loss of Trayvon, and hope the strength of God, close family and friends will always be a ray of hope and perseverance in your life! I have been following the case since the end of February, and hope that justice is served, but even more, I hope a healing can soften your hearts through this crime you have endured, like a soft wind in a brutal summer.

Forever a supporter of you and the loved ones going through this loss.

- Hanta T.

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Dear Sybrina,

I lost my daughter to gang violence eleven years ago. There is no harder experience than losing your child. The shock passes over time, years, but the unacceptibility of it all remains. I try to keep myself busy doing things to help others in need. Service has a healing balm to it. Giving brings us up out of our ashes and sorrow. You seem like that kind of person, a giving heart. Hang onto that. And God is our hope and our healing. I hold you and your family in my heart of prayers. I know how it is, and I know you will get through this. Keep the love.

In loving kindness, 

Bob T.

Thinking of You

Dear Sybrina,

I have been thinking of you quite a bit. I too lost my son, His name was Corey and he died the night of his 18th birthday February 19th ‘07. I raised him myself since he was 1. My only child. I just passed the 5 yr mark.

Firstly, so you know me , I am a 56 yo white woman and was a working RN through my son’s lifetime. He was very involved in musical theater and chorus, had a great deal of friends. On the first Mother’s Day those kids left a huge card in my door that they all signed and it meant the world to me . So I hope you feel the love coming to you from people who are sending thoughts and love to you.

Please take some time off now and stay in a quiet and calm environment w just those who are close to you. Mourning is a long and tough process that takes lots of time.  Music and exercise helps, so does screaming in a pillow.

Let others represent you in public as much as  possible. Find a therapist you feel good with. (I found this very difficult) Parents who have also lost children  are the best to talk with.

I wish you strength and love through this most difficult of all times.


Joy D.

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A Mother's Love

Ms. Sybrina Fulton,

I am a mother of 4 children. I first became aware of Trayvon’s death during a Sunday morning news program in March. I was so outraged that immediately I went to the change.org site to sign your petition. I have followed the updates ever since. My heart cannot know your pain. All I kept thinking once I learned of this horrible tragedy is how easily this could have been anyone of my children or their friends. And how together through your petition I wanted to help bring about change. A Mother’s love and bond with her child has nothing to do with the color of skin. The connection with our children is timeless. It stretches from the past–even before they were born and reaches into the future. Our children have always been with us and will always be with us. It is a spiritual gift God has given every Mother. Trayvon lives on spiritually and has become every Mother’s son. In his memory, I wish you a blessed day with your loved ones.

Another Mother

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Happy Mother's Day

Dear Sybrina,

While I can’t even begin to imagine your pain I would still like to offer my love, support and admiration to you.  Your faith and courage and ability to stand when many of us would’ve fallen and still be on the floor is nothing short of remarkable.  You are an inspiration and a blessing to women everywhere. 

Happy Mother’s Day to you from one mother to another may God continue to bless and keep you in all that you do.  My family and I stand with you and your family on your quest for justice.

Prayers, love and Support


Charlotte J.

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Always Be Proud-Never Doubt Yourself

Sybrina, may love of not just God but of the human race be around you – to hold you, and comfort you on Mother’s Day – you will always be a mother. No one can ever take that away from you-no one can destroy that, and your love and Trayvon’s love will live on – it is not gone. Love lives forever – love lives forever. I know Trayvon is looking down. He sees us and he knows what is happening. He knows he is loved. He is loved. Believe that Trayvon knows he is loved – that is important and I believe your son will prevail. He will be vindicated – Love to you and here is a hug. 


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Dear Sybrina,

I just wanted you to know that watching you and hearing you tell the world about your son, Trayvon has touched my heart so. I trust that you know that besides having loving parents here on Earth, Trayvon has a heavenly Father, who is a judge and who knows all – all that’s in our hearts and in our minds – and His justice will always prevail.

We are praying for you and your family and we stand strong in support of you.

Love and Peace,

Yvonne M.

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