SPN10 countdown challenge |  7 days to go | S08E07

↳ I don’t know. I just saw something.. Cas.

It’s the middle of the night, Dean is up but dead silent, yet Sam could sense something is wrong and he wakes up. He realizes something isn’t right with Dean, he sees Dean’s terrified face, and he gets out of bed immediately. And unlike this morning when Dean told him ‘I’m alright’, now Dean is opening up. Sam is his little brother, but they have been through so much together, he can trust him on that, he can trust him to treat him respectfully, to listen to him, to say something that maybe will make sense. And this is beautiful. 

Esto es realmente importante para el país

Hace rato que he estado emocionada por la nueva temporada de 31 minutos :’D (que a todo esto comienza este 4 de Octubre )

Y es para mi es canon el amor que profesa Manuel por 31 minutos, of course.

(Also, esto lo tengo desde el Domingo, antes del crack y todo eso, mi muñeca ahora esta descansando ;3;)