Yuzuru practiced his 4Lo today.


Today i tried to edit quad loop (4Lo)

An edge jump (usually) with RBO-RBO

Difficult to notice, right? 

*Sorry, i can’t stand watching Yuzu stumbles over and over again so i cut that part out of the left gif. Please see a nice landing from the right one.

A series of things going wrong with my 2004 Trailblazer? via /r/cars

A series of things going wrong with my 2004 Trailblazer?

I bought my first used car last December, and almost starting to regret it. I’m really hoping I didn’t waste my money. I know I need to take it in to get looked at, but I don’t have the money to do so currently, until I can find a second job, which is why I want to post here, to see if there are some things I can do myself that will save me money in the long run.

  1. I have FWD, 4Hi and 4Lo in my car. I got blocked in with snow at work this past January/February, and was trying to use 4Lo to get out, but my car wouldn’t go into 4Lo. It did before, as I had to use it before to get out of snow, but the second time it wouldn’t go into it.

  2. The check engine light, a few months ago, would come on for a day or so then go out. It would stay off for a week or two, come on again for another day, and then it would go out. It did this about 3 or 4 times… it’s been about two months and it hasn’t come back on, but still, it’s something that bothers me.

  3. About a month ago, when I was leaving work, I noticed my speedometer wasn’t working, along with any of my other gauges on my dash. My blinkers/brake lights/headlights all worked, but nothing else on my dash. Did some research, unplugged my negative battery, and it worked again.

…However, whilst driving, my speedometer jumped up in speed, went down to zero, and eventually went back to my current speed; almost as if it reset itself, or something. This happened twice.

  1. After unplugging my negative battery, I soon noticed my air conditioner/heat wasn’t working. If I turn my air on, it sounds like it’s working, just nothing comes out of the vents.

  2. I noticed this about a week ago when leaving work one night. When I make a right turn, what I think is my tire (possibly my front left or rear left) makes a noise, kind of like metal scraping against metal. It only happens when I make a right turn, and once I’m close to home (work is only about a 5 minute drive) the noise stops completely.

Any ideas on what I can or should do for any of my problems? Again, I know I should take it in to be looked at, I just can’t afford to right now.