☆ Constellation Station 

After 6000000 years, I have finally finished another chibi character chart for yet another of my original works - Constellation Station, a slice of life 4koma centering around the lives of personified planets and other heavenly bodies. The core cast are as follows: 

  • Terrestrial Quartet

Nickname: Hermes
Physical Age: 16 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: Incredibly short, so much so that he’s often mistaken for a girl. Associated with owls and the color gunmetal. He’s literally the smartest planet around, and one of the nicer planets too. Hyperactive and tends to rush into things. Because of his proximity to the sun, has damaged eyes and wears protective eyewear to make up for his terrible eyesight.
Associated Color: Light Blue ; Grey

Nickname: Vesper Navi
Physical Age: 17 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: Earth’s twin sister. She is the BRIGHTEST STAR - Roughly 6000000% better at anything and everything Earth does and is quite popular due to her idol-like appearance. Despite her beautiful feminine looks, she is a certified Action Girl and tends to bully her sister Earth. Has a habit of being rough and talking quite bluntly, comes on real strong most of the time. She has a sharp dislike for Sirius.
Associated Color: Bright Yellow ; Orange

Nickname: Ea Telluris
Physical Age: 16 Years Old
Satellites: 1 (Represented by her younger sister and housemate Seluna)
Things of Note: Curious but not very bright. A bit of a ditz. Cheerful and hardworking but constantly causes trouble for others since she’s very meddlesome. Enjoys taking (secret) photographs of the other planets and stars, and writing and sending out letters. Popular with animals and small children, but terrible at keeping her shit together. The flowers in her hair represent nature and will keep growing back no matter how many times you pluck them out. Childhood friends with Jupiter and Mars.
Associated Color: Electric Blue ; Green

Nickname: Messer
Physical Age: 18 Years Old
Satellites: 2 (Personified Pets)
Things of Note: Has SERIOUS anger management issues. Though he seems unapproachable, he’s not that bad if you can catch him outside of a fit of rage. Tends to attract “weird” phenomena. Rumor has it that he and Eris are siblings. Constantly getting into fights and constantly competing with Jupiter over everything. Shared a house with Earth for a brief time during her childhood, back when she was obsessed with the idea of terraforming him. Has a crush on her, but she’s too dense to notice it.
Associated Color: Red

  • Gas Giants

Nickname: Eren
Physical Age: 18 Years Old
Satellites: 67 (Assorted Younger Siblings and Items on his Person)
Things of Note: Has scars and marks from assorted collisions (because of these experiences, he’s a bit of a masochist). Likes small things, and tends to bully others into being his friends because of his overwhelming personality. Really into things like sports and physical activities, the exact opposite of Mercury. He loves to travel and often sneaks off work to visit Earth, who is a good childhood friend of his – Anytime anyone (most especially Mars) tries to come close to her, he is always there to scare them away. ETERNAL RIVALS with Mars over everything and anything.
Associated Color: Green

Nickname: Sokolov Zuhal
Physical Age: 19 Years Old
Satellites: 62 (Assorted Younger Siblings and Items on his Person)
Things of Note: Hardworking and serious. The three “arcs” that circle his planet are represented by the three clips in his hair. Ridiculously attractive, to the point that all the other planets are attracted to him (in varying degrees) though he is often unaware of his effect on people. Has trouble expressing himself, so is often mistaken as aloof or cold or unpleasant Tends to frighten anything smaller than him. Like Jupiter, he has a weakness for small things. His nine rings are represented by the rings he wears on his fingers (just like Neptune). He’s not a bad person, but has such a difficult time dealing with people that he doesn’t try to correct their misconceptions about him anymore. Since he is always working, he has some health problems when it comes to his breathing. Unable to swim without an inner tube. Earth seems to have a crush on him, but he hasn’t seemed to notice.
Associated Color: Purple-Red

Nickname: Herschel
Physical Age: 21 Years Old
Satellites: 27 (Assorted Younger Siblings and Items on his Person)
Things of Note: Often seen wearing a scarf given to him by his girlfriend Neptune. Serious and straight to the point (often coming across as rude). Often involved in shady business and obsessed with things like order and cleanliness – Because of this, he is constantly scolding Earth for her messy ways. Potentially zero sense of direction. The polar opposite of Mars – He’s cold and aloof, though he gets along quite well with Saturn. He wears glasses (something Jupiter loves to tease him about) because of his damaged eyes, and is a patient and caring big brother to his 27 satellites.
Associated Color: Cyan

Nickname: Tatyanna Nadeshiko
Physical Age: 20 Years Old
Satellites: 14 (Assorted Younger Siblings and Items on her Person)
Things of Note: Very laid back, and moves quite slowly and gracefully – According to her, a lady never rushes. She takes her sweet time when it comes to finishing her work, but does a very good job regardless. Tends to fall asleep while standing, and enjoys (very) cold weather. Uranus’ girlfriend. Secretly thinks Uranus and Jupiter would make a cute couple, thoughts she often shares with Earth on girls’ nights out. She is a cool big sis to both Earth and Venus.
Associated Color: Sea Blue

  • Dwarf Five

Nickname: Perse
Physical Age: 17 Years Old
Satellites: 5 (Personified Items)
Things of Note: He of the ambiguous dark skin and bright eyes. He’s very quite and incredibly soft spoken, which give people the impression that he is a very polite and considerate person. The actuality is that he’s quite snarky when given the opportunity, and will occasionally comment on something morbid in a completely cheerful manner detached from the subject at hand. A bit upset at having been demoted, though he doesn’t really let it get to him.
Associated Color: Purple

Nickname: Xenabelle
Physical Age: 15 Years Old
Satellites: Dysnomia (Represented by a Doll)
Things of Note: The resident lolita. She likes to collect dolls, and is into things like the occult and supernatural occurrences. Because of Mars’ tendency to attract weirdness, she’s quite interested in him as well (though it’s rumored they might actually be siblings). Pluto often teases her about her relationship with Mars, and Earth believes they are dating (much to Mar’s despair).
Associated Color: Dark Purple

Nickname: Minko
Physical Age: 17 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: Ceres is very weak (as she is somewhat of a Planetary Embryo), constantly sick, and often times in a lot of pain (which she never complains about so no one is quite sure why she keeps fainting). She’s an assistant of sorts to the Queen, and her job usually dictates that she’s in charge of things like giving everyone their assignments.
Associated Color: Light Purple

Nickname: Elle (“Santa”)
Physical Age: 21 Years Old
Satellites: 2 (Personified by the sentient Hair Beads on both sides of her Face)
Things of Note: Because she was discovered during the Christmas season, she’s very fond of giving out presents to her friends and family, and enjoys taking care of the other dwarf planets like a mother figure of sorts. Her dream is to one day be an actual mother, but -
Associated Color: Pink

Nickname: Fye
Physical Age: 19 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: Pluto and Eris’ closest friend. He is never without rabbit themed clothing (as he was discovered during Easter), and wears a bunny clip given to him by Haumea. He and Haumea seem to have a sort of relationship going on…
Associated Color: Peach

  • Station Management

The Milky Way Galaxy
Nicknames: Mama Milky
Physical Age: 14 – 16 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: The Mother and Goddess of the Solar System (and the only cast member shorter than Mercury). She has an older sister, Andromeda, and is one of the Virgo Supercluster’s (many) children. Almost always in the company of her oldest star, Gyr.
Associated Color: White + Shades of Purple ; Galaxy Print

The Sun
Nickname: Sola
Physical Age: 27 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: The Queen of the Milky Way. She’s bright (in personality and appearance) and wears a lot of gold and red and yellow. She’s a bit flamboyant, and enjoys talking about things like “the power of romance” and “the power of love” – And how it’s important to spread one’s warmth to make better connections with one another. She might come across as vapid at times, but she really does have the planets’ best interests at heart. Has some undisclosed history with a certain “old guy”.
Associated Color: Gold

Nickname: Alice
Physical Age: 19 – 21 Years Old
Satellites: UNKNOWN
Things of Note: Known to be the brightest star in the night sky. He tends to remind people of a dog, because of his rough (but good natured) behavior and occasional mannerisms. He’s quite loud and dominant, and constantly tries to be the center of attention. He and Venus do not get along, and often argue over who is brighter in the sky. He doesn’t get along with his neighbor Procyon either, and the two occasionally compete over Ea’s attention.
Associated Color: White ; Alice Blue

Nickname: Arthuria
Physical Age: 19 – 21 Years Old
Satellites: UNKNOWN
Things of Note: Sirus’ neighbor and constant rival. He detests Sirius for an undisclosed even that happened in their childhood. Good friends with Earth, though he often gets her involved with his quarrels with Sirius. Both he and Sirius have older brothers who are Dwarf Stars.
Associated Color: White ; Lavender

Sagittarius A*
Nickname: A ; “Old Man”
Physical Age: 31 Years Old
Satellites: None
Things of Note: The Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Fond of sending out radio signals, and causing the Planets all sorts of trouble. Will occasionally arrive uninvited to gatherings, and it’s rumored he and the Queen might have known each other in the past. He’s interested in a certain member of the Terrestrial Quartet.
Associated Color: Black

The Pulsar
Nickname: UNKNOWN
Physical Age: 14 Years Old (Female); 15 Years Old (Male)
Satellites: UNKNOWN
Things of Note: A’s lackeys. They refer to him as “aniki” and don’t seem all that fond of the Planets (or other stars) either. It seems the female has a crush on A, which he doesn’t seem to notice. The male seems to be interested in one of the Gas Giants.
Associated Color: Pastel (White ; Purple)

Expect more to be added in the future - !!