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1 Why did you choose your URL   Its a swap round of my first one Bloodandteagirl  that came from an idea for a story. Which i have posted

2 Middle Name ?  Never give my true name on here allows me to play

3If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet who would it be?  Dragon one of the game of Thrones would be nice but Id settle for Toothless.

4Fav colour?  depends on my mood, I love colour and today it would be a very sunny yellow.

5Fav Song? As with colour depends on mood at the moment it “Take me to the church” by the Hoosiers

6Top Three Fan OMS   TOM HIDDLESTON mainly and then Doctor Who Sherlock

7 What do you like about Tumblr? The chance to be me and not hide,  to talk about anything from porn, Tom to fluffy bunnies as the mood takes you AND YOU LOT all my followers and all those I follow who have brilliant senses  of Humour and the ability to lift me back up on really shit days.