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I wanted to watch VM's best performances of each program so I was just wondering what you thought they were. Thanks and have a good day :)

assassination tango - skate canada [x]
valse triste - canadian nationals [x]

dark eyes - worlds????? idk i’ve seen this one like once lmao [x]
umbrellas of cherbourg - worlds [x]

charleston - canadian nationals [x]
pink floyd - looool whatever. worlds ig [x]

farrucas - worlds [x]
mahler - olympics [x]

schenkst du tango de whatever - worlds [x]
hip hip chin chin fd - worlds [x]

hip hip chin chin sd - worlds [x]
funny face - 4cc [x]

the waltz goes on - 4cc [x]
carmen - worlds [x] but also skate canada practice [x]

dream a little dream - olympics [x]
seasons - gpf [x]

nb: i cribbed p much all these links from ohyeahvirtuemoirgifs gr9 masterpost here


Yuna Kim watching Patrick Chan’s performance at 4CC

2015 Four Continents Championships

The 2015 Four Continents Championships, the second of four ISU Championships, will take place this week in Seoul, South Korea from Feb. 11-15. This post will be edited if more information becomes available.

Live results, starting orders etc.


All times in Korean Standard Time (UTC+9). Convert to your time zone.

Feb. 12: Short dance 11:30; Pairs’ SP 14:10; Men’s SP 17:15
Feb. 13: Free dance 13:30; Ladies’ SP 17:00
Feb. 14: Pairs’ FS 14:30; Men’s FS 17:30
Feb. 15: Ladies’ FS 12:30; Gala 17:30

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