Everyone supporting Zoe Quinn is doing a bang up job completely missing the god… damned… point. It is NOT about her having sex it’s about her using SEX in exchange for favors to get her game and anything else she wanted. It’s about her doing the exact thing she claims women shouldn’t have to do to further their careers. It’s about her taking her feminist ideals and completely shitting all over them.

"I can’t believe people  are getting upset over something she supposedly did"

This shit isn’t a hypothetical, it’s not some mean rumor spread by some butt hurt ex, multiple people both men and WOMEN (since a man’s words counts for jack shit) have come forward and reaffirmed her dumbfuckery. Not to mentioned the screen capped evidence there’s literally nothing “supposedly” about this tomfoolery at all.

"This is slut shaming/ this is victim blaming"

Again this is barely about her having had sex with five guys behind her then partner’s back because at the least that just makes her a hypocrite. But the fact that she had sex with 5 maybe six extremely prolific figures in the videogame industry to vastly skew things in her favor. Also how in the hell is this victim blaming? Is she now saying she was was raped by the Five Guys? I Wouldn’t put that past her based on her behavioral patterns online but seriously?

"People are just upset a game they didn’t like got on steam"

This type of comment right here is just a real testament to the absolute corruption in the video game journalism community all tied together by the cobwebs emanating from Zoe Quinn’s vagina. There are thousands of games that people fucking hate on Steam and they’re definitely audible about it but no one really goes this out of their way to argue why it’s on Steam. What people are upset about is how this really bad non-game got on Steam, it didn’t get there because it was good or fun she literally and this probably one the very few rare occasion where literally is used literally, fucked her way to the top.

And something that should make everyone tremble in their boots quite a bit is how effective the removal of any negative information on Zoe Quinn has been. Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube have had any negative information pertaining Zoe Quinn up to and including simply talking about it removed and what should really terrify you though is that even 4Chan itself has been actively censoring itself.


On the 4chan LGBT boards
  • Person 1:I was in a polite discussion with a trans folk when he brought up this topic, and I'd like to discuss it here. I'm a cis, heterosexual white male. I wouldn't want to have sex with a MtF transsexual, even if "she" was attractive by my beauty standards. This isn't transphobia, it's just a matter of personal taste. Why is that so hard to understand?
  • Person 2:uh, assuming she's had reassignment surgery, you just stated "the only reason I wouldn't have sex with her is because she's trans, not because of 'undesirable' physical characteristics." sorry, but if the basis for the discrimination is PURELY the fact she's trans, then that's transphobia.
  • Person 1:I'm rejecting her on the basis of her condition. It's not a phobia or persecution, just a personal taste. Like I wouldn't start a relationship with a girl who had a lot of previous partners or with a man. It's just a matter of preference. I'm not rejecting her because she's a trannie, I'm rejecting her because the fact that she's a transsexual makes her unattractive to me. Using your logic, I could call a homosexual a heterophobic because she didn't want to have sex with me.
  • ??????????????? just wow