The importance of writing

Physically writing things out is soon going to be a lost art.  Over the past two months, I’ve made sure to bring a notebook everywhere, writing as much as I possibly could.  I first started out with a Sharpie pen–reason being is that I don’t like erasing so that I for sure have the original intentions of my writing on paper.  It was only the past few days that I switched back to pencil for the first time in over two years.

Many people lose some of their best ideas, or repeat mistakes because they erase their work.  Seriously, I beg of you, don’t erase you mistakes!  Simply cross out the things you don’t want to use.  At least you can go back and read them.

I know this may seem impractical to some, but this has worked for me (when it comes to personal and creative writing). 

I just bought $20 worth of mechanical pencils and lead today…to some that’s a waste, but for me it’s an investment.  I love my Zebra pencils…

quite-a-character asked:

Phil, I was thinking about the Happy Trash Family AU and watched A New Hope, and I wondered what the equalivent would be for "I find your lack of faith disturbing"? I'm picturing when Han gets accepted a little bit more, and he sees Luke and Leia being trained, he says he doesn't believe in the force. Then Anakin would levitate him in a joking manner, but scarring the bejezes out of Han. Then the line would be said. What do you think?


honestly I feel like in every universe ever, no matter what his other feelings towards the man may be (disgust, defiance, respect, affection, whatever) Han is always just a tiny little bit terrified of Anakin Skywalker. Like lowkey. I’m sure he tries to hide it. But.

And obviously in trash family au their relationship is wonderful and ideal and yes, good, Anakin is Loser Dad to everyone and Han finally has sort-of-parents, but ALSO he’d just sort of be half in awe because YO THIS IS THE DUDE FROM THE CLONE WARS AND??? I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD??? WHAT??? HE’S REAL HOLY KRIFF HE WAS LIKE A HERO AND THE WORLD’S MOST BADASS PILOT AND okay okay shut up Solo play it cool you’re twenty-one years old chill

(this, while Luke himself is pissing his pants with excitement becuase MY DAD IS ANANKIN SKYWALKER?!?!? and Han’s like “see there look he’s ten so that’s allowed but I need to get a grip”)

but anyway he’s like lowkey freaking out because childhood heroes appearing from the ashes to pseudo-adopt him and Han’s spent forever telling himself that the Jedi stuff was all hocus pocus but suddenly it’s not except Han’s a stubborn loser on the best of days and also he just loves aggravating Leia to no end with his skeptical comments, so Anakin totally, definitely, 100% does that one time just because he’s a little shit, adulthood aside, and Luke and Leia are probably crying of laughter and Han looks very disgruntled.


8/365 Sculpture Time Lapse: Sergeant Squeaker

View the finished sculpture

5/365 Back to the ship

Space monkeys!  Although they’re from space, they still love bananas.  Brings back memories of the 5th grade…this one’s for my teacher, Mr. Dewey.  

Instead of using thin armature wire, I finally wised up and used thick, steel wire for the skeleton.  

View time lapse

View in 360

3.84 hours of sculpting

3/365 Disco is dead

The entire time I was sculpting this horse, I was listening to The Beegees singing the music for Saturday Night Fever.  The entire time, I was thinking, “Geez, I’m glad disco is dead.”  The ironic thing was that following the second exposure, the horse died and fell over. 

It’s official, people, disco is dead…

Watch sculpture time lapse

9/365 Cheerful Crab

99% of crabs in the world are not happy, and 99% don’t know the joy of a cup of tea.

Today, I had an incredibly hard time coming up with the joy for sculpting.  It took me two hours to realize that I just needed some more sleep, so I took a nap.  After an hour, I woke up remembering what a fellow artist, Shing (Sawdust Bear), said about my project, and how it inspired her to start her own weekly project.  So, Shing, this is my gift to you for being my motivation today :) 

View in 360º

View time lapse

4.23 hours of sculpting


13/365 Friday the 13th

Possibly the worst luck in years.

Shifting into a new gear.  For the past few years I’ve been reluctant to make tutorials on how to sculpt clay characters, but I’ve had a change of heart.  I feel that there are too many kids in schools without art programs or being home schooled–and they’re missing out on some fun.  So I am going to start a series of sculpture videos…starting with Mr. Walrus.

Finally, it’s summertime, and things are looking up.  I have a good feeling about a collab that I have started talks with my friend from Australia.  He runs an online comic, and I just found one of his pieces hilarious.  We’re going to try to make it a 10/15 second claymation.  Just something short, but I want to do some experimenting.

Something new

At first I doubted myself and thought, this is a terrible idea, but the more that I think about it, the more that I want to make a comic/illustrated book rather than animate a claymation.

I know that plenty of people are going to hate that decision, but ultimately, it’s about trying something new and stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I’ve never done anything like this, so it will be interesting how my photography and storytelling skills come together into a comic book, seeing as I rely heavily on sound.  

I 100% fully believe that I need to do this in order to move ahead and become a better creative, and that is what I am going to do.  

The visualizing process has begun!

P.S. - Where the HECK did Vladmir Putin Action Comics go?

Vimeo - creative central...kind of...

Vimeo is one of those places where creatives like to post their stuff for the good feedback and lack of trolls.  Animation and CGI group are exploding all over the place, but I just discovered the lack of sculpture groups…there’s a total of 3.  


There is a great opportunity for me :)

Team up with me!  http://vimeo.com/groups/claydiy


11/365 Sculpture Time Lapse: When pigs fly

View finished sculpture on Flickr


9/365 Sculpture 360º View: Cheerful Crab

View finished sculpture on Flickr


9/365 Sculpture Time Lapse: Cheerful Crab

View finished sculpture on Flickr