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As you can see, I had to remove the color from the blue suit. I didn’t have the black, and I also wanted to retain more contrast in the coat. When you’re photographing black clay, it almost never comes out right. It’s much easier to modify if it’s a color that is about the contrast you want, but a completely different color from any in the image. The blue screen concept.

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16/365 Sculpture Time Lapse: Abraham Lincoln

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5/365 Back to the ship

Space monkeys!  Although they’re from space, they still love bananas.  Brings back memories of the 5th grade…this one’s for my teacher, Mr. Dewey.  

Instead of using thin armature wire, I finally wised up and used thick, steel wire for the skeleton.  

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3.84 hours of sculpting

The importance of writing

Physically writing things out is soon going to be a lost art.  Over the past two months, I’ve made sure to bring a notebook everywhere, writing as much as I possibly could.  I first started out with a Sharpie pen—reason being is that I don’t like erasing so that I for sure have the original intentions of my writing on paper.  It was only the past few days that I switched back to pencil for the first time in over two years.

Many people lose some of their best ideas, or repeat mistakes because they erase their work.  Seriously, I beg of you, don’t erase you mistakes!  Simply cross out the things you don’t want to use.  At least you can go back and read them.

I know this may seem impractical to some, but this has worked for me (when it comes to personal and creative writing). 

I just bought $20 worth of mechanical pencils and lead today…to some that’s a waste, but for me it’s an investment.  I love my Zebra pencils…

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8/365 Sculpture Time Lapse: Sergeant Squeaker

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3/365 Disco is dead

The entire time I was sculpting this horse, I was listening to The Beegees singing the music for Saturday Night Fever.  The entire time, I was thinking, “Geez, I’m glad disco is dead.”  The ironic thing was that following the second exposure, the horse died and fell over. 

It’s official, people, disco is dead…

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9/365 Cheerful Crab

99% of crabs in the world are not happy, and 99% don’t know the joy of a cup of tea.

Today, I had an incredibly hard time coming up with the joy for sculpting.  It took me two hours to realize that I just needed some more sleep, so I took a nap.  After an hour, I woke up remembering what a fellow artist, Shing (Sawdust Bear), said about my project, and how it inspired her to start her own weekly project.  So, Shing, this is my gift to you for being my motivation today :) 

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4.23 hours of sculpting

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13/365 Friday the 13th

Possibly the worst luck in years.

Shifting into a new gear.  For the past few years I’ve been reluctant to make tutorials on how to sculpt clay characters, but I’ve had a change of heart.  I feel that there are too many kids in schools without art programs or being home schooled—and they’re missing out on some fun.  So I am going to start a series of sculpture videos…starting with Mr. Walrus.

Finally, it’s summertime, and things are looking up.  I have a good feeling about a collab that I have started talks with my friend from Australia.  He runs an online comic, and I just found one of his pieces hilarious.  We’re going to try to make it a 10/15 second claymation.  Just something short, but I want to do some experimenting.