4545 km (Ga Hà Nội, Hà Nội Vietnam)
4710 km (Ga Đồng Đăng, Đồng Đăng, Vietnam)
4725 km (Ping Xiang Railway Station, Ping Xiang China)
4945 km (Nan Ning Railway Station, Nanning, China)
5375 km (Guilin Railway Station, Guilin, China)

Some quick digital photos from this long and complicated section of the overland journey I’m currently taking, between Singapore and Manchester, UK.

Another late night border crossing. Fast trains and slow buses. A side trip to Yangshou, China. Limestone karsts.
Caught in a thunderstorm where the lightning was striking so close I could smell it.

Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, all Google services, bits of Wikipedia are blocked by the Chinese government. This makes using the internet for even the simplest things a massive pain in the arse, to hide the truth about the Tiananmen Square protests. Tumblr battles on, apparently uncensored.
There are always easy ways around these restrictions; please check my Instagram for much more up-to-date photos!

oranqecactus asked:

(3/4).. Anyway, I was wondering if maybe you had a dream town code so that I could see your town? I'd really love to visit some day to take in all the beauty and maybe get (3/4)

Yes I have a dream address:
It’s 7100-4945-4704 💗

2015-05-22 12:50 AM

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