Day 98 | hi jenny u suck bolz

I’ll just leave that title there because my roomie put that there. And ‘cause it’s the first night this week that I’m actually sleeping in my own dorm bed……. heh. Anyway, today was…… a roller-fucking-coaster. I handled it like a champ though. Ha. I spent a couple hours at Coffee Bean today. I missed doing that. I started CKI stuff and yah. I actually went to all my lectures. I aced the CS5 quiz. I think. Then I had a long talk with someone important and we got dinner at Scotty’s and Glen Mor. And we talked. And it was nice. Then I had the longest chat with Amairany because I haven’t had one this whole week with her. Lol I walked her to Scotty’s after. I showered at midnight whew. 

It’s been a long day. 

22:45 May 20 - Asuka [G+ post]


The preliminary results.

55th place.

Thank you, thank you all
so very much.


I could not stop the shaking or the tears
once I heard the results.

To think that such a day would ever have come.

1 day. 4915 votes
in such a short period of time….

I can only express my thanks.

But I don’t know how to say it…


I’m glad I believed in you.

And I’m glad it is you that I believed in.


All the more!

All the more this year,
this year is the year I want to rank in, with all of you.

Ranking in might still be
a tall order.

But I don’t want it to end at the preliminaries!

I am different this year.

Me. You.
And my view of everything else too.


We can do it.

I will go all out from now on!

Even if it’s just for a little higher!


I want to feel more joy that today on the day.

Let’s shed tears of joy!

I’m with all of you. We’re together.


This might be a long battle but… (>_<)
Please give me your support! Till the very end ♪


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