On people disputing common knowledge

4907 says: I love you, SFB, but that ship is surely the USS Enterprise from Star Trek!

» SFB says: Are you sure? We checked Wikipedia, which says, “In the fictional Star Wars universe, there have been a number of starships named Enterprise …” We’ll triple-check our work on this one. Seriously, we know Han Solo like the back of our hands.* — Ernie @ SFB

* — OK, we’ve had our fun with this. :)

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Auto Meter 4907 Ultra-Lite II 2-1/16" 30 in. Hg/20 PSI Mechanical Vacuum/Boost Gauge


Features race proven Ultra-Lite movements and superior reverse through the dial LED lighting, featuring white numbers and markings with amber accents and glowing red pointers for superior visibility. 1 year limited warranty.

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never too late*

Luke is in the middle of a history test when the bomb hits.

He’s carefully bubbling in A when the impact makes his pencil jerk across the paper, leaving a thick, dark grey line that tears through everything else as the building shakes, the lights flicker out, and the entire world seems to be split apart.

or, a bomb tears apart sydney and also luke’s life, but maybe ashton can rebuild it.

word count: 9639 [lashton]

bound to you*

Luke’s heart recognises the boy in front him. He thinks to himself that there’s no life he could live where his heart wouldn’t recognise Ashton.

or, a lashton patrochilles reincarnation au.

word count: 4907 [lashton] [[mild smut]]

i was made to keep your body warm*

There was a calm feeling in the air, despite the deep arousal flowing through both of them. Ashton pressed a hand to Luke’s shoulder, gently slowing his movements to resume their unhurried pace.

or, lashton morning sex

word count: 2290 [lashton] [[smut]]

let me give you what you need.

The worst way to find out you’re an omega is to be sitting at a drum kit on a stage in front of thousands of people and your bandmates, two of which are alphas, and suddenly feel your hole drench with slick as heat spreads through your entire body. 

Ashton should know. It just happened to him

word count: 2771 [lashton] [[smut]]

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boys only want love if its torture

don’t say i didn’t, say i didn’t warn you.
Ashton had always thought Luke was beautiful. Pale, delicate, fragile - everything Ashton had been warned against.

word count: 805 [lashton]

trigger warnings for past/mentioned: eating disorder, child abuse, self-harm.

remember me for centuries

Luke knew who Ashton was. He knew of how pivotal Ashton was to the war, knew of the power that thrummed through the boy’s veins. (Ashton could crush him with just a thought. Wasn’t that scary?) He knew of the family Ashton came from, and knew that that made Ashton completely off limits to everyone, especially Luke.
So why did Luke want him so much?
words: 14834 [chaptered] [[completed]]
chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five
lashton [[some smut in chapter three]]

throw on a jersey, no one gets hurt

Ashton knew he wasn’t normal okay, he fucking knew it, he didn’t need his father reminding him of that every goddamn day. He knew it wasn’t normal to like wearing girl’s clothes and makeup and just feeling pretty, but it was like an itch under his skin - he needed it, just like he needed the sharp blade in his drawer.
Maybe that was why he was close to just ending it all.
words: 15637 [chaptered] [[completed]] [[[lashton]]]
chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six
trigger warnings for: feminisation, child abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, smut in chapter 6

darling i will be loving you until we’re seventy

Ashton had to struggle to keep in his tears as Luke gasped, brokenly, struggling to inhale. After a few failed attempts, he finally managed to get some air into his lungs, though it was still shaky, and he coughed heavily upon sucking it in.
or, the one where luke has a panic attack at school, and ashton helps.
word count: 5258 [lashton] [[smut]]
trigger warning for: panic attacks, anxiety, smut

you were the song stuck in my head

Not for the first time, he wondered why the hell he was targeted for all of this bullying. Why all the other Grade 12 boys thought it was
funny to beat him to a bloody pulp every day.
He coughed, feeling a small trickle of blood spill from the corner of his mouth. Carelessly, he wiped the back of his hand over it, smearing the blood across his cheek.
or, the one where luke is a little bit broken, and his teacher just wants to help him.
word count: 4494 [lashton]
trigger warnings for: bullying, mentioned self-harm, mentioned past suicide

hes got blue eyes deep like the sea

He groans, a sickening pain shooting through him. He can feel something wet beginning to trail down his leg, and in his hazy mind, he just barely manages to put together that it’s slick, and he’s just presented.
Fuck, he’s an omega.
(or, the one where luke goes into his first heat at a party, and it all goes downhill from there.)
word count: 5011 [lashton] [[smut]]

welcome to a new kind of tension

“You will be the death of me,” Luke growled into Ashton’s mouth, pushing the older boy back onto their hotel bed. “I swear you’ll kill me one day.”
“Oh no, we don’t want that, now do we?” Ashton smirked, his breath leaving him in a gasp as Luke bit down on his bottom lip, soothing the sting with his tongue.
word count: 2559 [lashton] [[smut]]
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you send me reeling, calling out to you for more

Fuck Ashton. Seriously. Like, fuck Ashton.
Luke stifled a growl, tightening his grip on the TCA surfboard, struggling to keep his face calm and composed when Ashton was fucking shirtless with a boner right next to him.
word count: 2076 [lashton] [[smut]]
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there’s this ringing in my head (who said it was gonna be easy?)

ashton should’ve known he wasn’t worth it.
word count: 2566 [lashton]
[trigger warnings for depression, self-harm, and eating disorders]

loving can mend your soul

Ashton doesn’t remember the first time he felt eyes on him, but he knows it was a long time ago.
He’d be doing something he always did, like taking care of his younger siblings or goofing off with Michael and Calum or playing his drums, and he’d suddenly get the feeling he was being watched.
word count: 1958 [lashton]
[trigger warning for referenced/implied self-harm, accidental self-harm.]

i open my eyes, all i see is you

“Do you ever wonder what would happen if we weren’t here?”
The question should’ve worried him, had it not been on the tip of his tongue for weeks now.
Calum tilted his head to the side, lazily blinking his eyes open, “Do you?”
Michael shrugged, squirming with the intense stare Calum fixed on him, “Yeah, just. Like. No, forget it, it’s stupid.”
word count: 933 [malum]

it’s taking me over

Michael tuned out Luke speaking and wrapped an arm around Calum’s waist, pulling him into his side, “Ashton’s in heat,” he murmured, his lips bumping up against Calum’s ear.
Calum stiffened, “Fuck,” he cursed.
Michael nodded, though a small smirk spread across his face, his thumb going to tap against the mark on Calum’s neck from when they mated, “Can’t wait for you to smell it,” he whispered, his tone downright filthy. “God, imagine how it would affect you. You’d be down on your knees begging for me to fuck you.”
[or, the HIGHLY HIGHLY requested malum part to let me give you what you need.]
word count: 1601 [malum] [[smut]]
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with this feeling i’ll forget, i’m in love now

Ashton had never really been nurtured in the way a child should be.
When his father had walked out on them at such a young age, Ashton had to step up and be the man of his house, helping bring in money and helping to raise his two younger siblings. He wasn’t unloved or treated unfairly by his mother, quite the opposite, but she had never had the time to coddle him the way he craved.
word count: 2747 [ot4] [[smut]]

somehow you kicked all my walls in

a Hogwarts au in which michael is a slytherin who doesn’t actually hate luke, and luke is a shy gryffindor who everyone loves.
(otherwise known as kori wanting to write terribly cliche muke and put in teeth rotting amounts of fluff.)
word count: 8958 [muke]
trigger warnings for: past/mentioned self-harm, child abuse, eating disorder, as well as smut, and graphic injuries and slight sexual harrassment.

summer has come and passed.

a camp au in which its day of the dead and michael really should’ve known when to stop.
word count: 1384 [muke]

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1.) in the lineart layer, use magic wand to select the parts you want to fill 
2.) go to layer/ new layer/ gradient and click it
3.) gradient tool and gradient layer will come up, selected parts will be filled
4.) put gradient layer underneath the lineart layer
5.) adjust the gradient and colors using the selected parts as a guide
6.) when it’s up, you can adjust the details with pencils or eraser


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