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AMD needs to improve their Linux Drivers..

Using properly accelerated Open Source drivers now though. Was worried I wouldn’t be able to develop Holochrist code in Linux :)

*Edit, no I can’t. Drivers don’t support OpenGL 2.0, Unless I use proprietary. Which I refuse to do. Guess I’m getting a new GPU*

Turbo Cell Leggings Gr. 9 = 48-50 Schwitzhose Kompressionshose AntiCellulite nach dem Lymphdrainage-Prinzip

Sie dürfen uns natürlich gerne anrufen, wenn Sie sich bei der Größenwahl nicht sicher sind: MoserMed GmbH 02208-9210145. Sollte die Hose nicht passen, tauschen wir um. Über 9 Mio. zufriedene Kunden Wirksame Therapie zur Erhaltung schöner und gesunder…

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8/9 博多・Fujiyama Express号 西日本鉄道博多営業所 4850号車





8/9 博多・Fujiyama Express号 西日本鉄道博多営業所 4850号車






Islands in the Sky will be at Buttercup Park tonight from 5pm to 7pm at 4850 North Sheridan Road. This performance is part of the City Alive With Dreams series. Its the perfect day to be in a park!

DirtyDenier$ Day 15: Congressman Steve Daines

Reading through Montana Rep. Steve Daines’ list of campaign contributors is like looking at a who’s who of dirty polluters. Daines, who is currently running for Senate, has received more than $240,000 in polluter contributions and the Koch Brothers’ are among his top two contributors. In fact, Daines and the Koch Brothers are so intertwined that Daines’ former campaign manager has just been hired to lead the new Montana office of the Koch-sponsored Americans for Prosperity.

The Kochs and their dirty energy allies have received a tremendous return on investment for their backing of Daines. Daines has been a reliable vote in favor of dirty energy interests and against addressing climate change and advancing clean energy. Daines sponsored H.R. 4850, which would block action on climate change by rewriting the Clean Air Act to prohibit EPA from limiting carbon pollution at new or existing coal-fired power plants. Daines has voted for legislation that would threaten Montana hunting, fishing and hiking on public lands by giving drilling a priority over these conservation uses, and he’d prefer to subsidize dirty fossil fuels than to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has a dismal lifetime score of only 4 percent from the League of Conservation Voters.

Daines is also a true Dirty Denier when it comes to intentional ignorance on climate change. And while science tells us that Montana’s climate is already changing, Daines believes that “solar cycles” are causing climate change – a view discredited by the scientific data. He also, isn’t sure whether humans are causing climate change. It really seems like Daines has his fact and his fiction mixed up because he definitely believes there is a “War on Coal.”

Our advice: Daines should start thinking like his constituents, who support EPA limits on carbon pollution from power plants and who trust experts at EPA, not Congress, to set those rules. He ought to get himself out of the #DirtyDenier$ club.

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I had a super productive morning and i’m feeling great about it. Tax return is filed and i’ll be getting about $4850 back. That means I can pay back everything I owe to my parents/uncle after the overseas trip.

I also bought some new make up (not my usual, just cheap stuff) but new make up is the way to my heart okay. I also pre ordered the special edition of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor for PC and Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby for 3DS. Couldn’t pay them fully off but it’s a start. n_n

Muñeco de Trapo
read it on the AO3 at

by ally_holmes

Mary Winchester regala a su hijo Dean un ángel de trapo, un muñeco para que no se sienta solo dado que ahora tiene un hermano pequeño que absorbe más atención que él, y el muñeco se llama Castiel.
¿Qué pasa cuando ese muñeco cobra vida y se vuelve un hombre moreno y atractivo con gabardina?

Words: 4850, Chapters: 1/1, Language: Español

read it on the AO3 at