Prophet Muhammad Blessing and peace be upon him was very modest and shy; in fact, he was a perfect model of modesty. It is narrated by many of his companions that he was more modest and bashful than a maiden. He never spoke loudly or in an unseeming manner. When he went shopping in the market, he always passed by the people quietly with a smile. When he heard anything undesirable in the assembly; he did not say anything out of respect for the people, but the colour of his face showed his feelings and the companions would become cautious. A’isha (RA) said that He never saw God’s Messenger Blessing and peace be upon him laughing so immoderately that He could see the inside of his mouth, for he only used to smile. Zaid ibn Talya reported God’s Messenger as saying, “Every religion has a character and the character of Islam is modesty.” Abu Hurairah reported, “God’s Messenger never criticized any food (presented to him) but would eat it if he liked it; otherwise, he would leave it (without even expressing dislike)

033:056 " Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation."

Chapter Al-Ahzeb 33 Verse 56

If you see 47 don’t worry, be happy it’s a connection between us and our prophet so say : Blessing be upon Mohamed”

Note that Al-Ahzeb is meaning: group, So you group of people who see 47 everywhere you must ask blessings on Mohamed.

Don’t forgot that 47 is a number of Surate Mohamed