So there are 56 people on our church youth trip this weekend we all go out on a boat tour of San Antonio when we returned to the hotel it was flocked with firetrucks ,cop cars, ambulances ect. We discovered there was a fire on the 7th floor all 56 of us waited to be let in for our stuff for 3 hours until 1:30am we finally got a new hotel once we started to settle down 1 of the men had a heart attack and the ambulance came to get him we again switched hotels when we woke up because the hotel ran out of Space for us! I’m still on the trip now hopping nothing else goes wrong…
P.S. I love Good Mythical Morning you have been a part of my morning routine for 3 seasons in counting:D


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Hooo-eeeeh! What did I just pre-order…!?

Oh yeah, only the cutest magical anime girl figure ever in existence. Please don’t forget about Syoran Li, I will give you so much money figma. Give me a battle costume Li, or even a school uniform ver. to hang out with Sakura and I will throw all of my money at you. Please.

Go watch CardCaptor Sakura for some light hearted great anime. *Dusts off CCS DVDs*

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