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  • 01 - Bang Bros - Group Therapy

I’ll be posting the orders of the Point of View zine / Bang Bros & Wardogs (second press - www.clairesterrier.tumblr.com) this week. Keep an eye out for them.

Catch Bang Bros in London on December 28th at the CORNERED/FRUSTRATION date. They will have the rest of the splits with them in a limited festive cover.

Thanks for ordering it. Peace.

Handful of NIBIRU shirts left (they will ship start of January 2012) - http://www.46records.bigcartel.com/product/nibiru-earthbreeder-black-shirt

We are all aware that the senses can be deceived, the eyes fooled. But how can we be sure our senses are not being deceived at any particular time, or even all the time? Might I just be a brain in a tank somewhere, tricked all my life into believing in the events of this world by some insane computer? And does my life gain or lose meaning based on my reaction to such solipsism?
—  Project PYRRHO, Specimen 46, Vat 7. Activity recorded M.Y. 2302.22467. (TERMINATION OF SPECIMEN ADVISED)

Liked on YouTube: “46 Recordings of Stravinsky’s "Rite of Spring” in 3 Minutes" http://ift.tt/1Dt5JQ1

On Sunday we attended the Rhododendron Festival at Lampaeri Botanical Park. The festival features the rhododendron garden walk and exhibition, local culture and cuisines, arts and crafts, traditional games, cultural program, guided walks and activities. The festival showcases different species that are in full bloom in their natural habitat. Of the 46 rhododendron species recorded in the country, 29 are found in the park.

Joe Calzaghe Talks Mayweather v Pacquiao - "Being Undefeated Can Be A Burden"

Joe Calzaghe Talks Mayweather v Pacquiao – “Being Undefeated Can Be A Burden”

Legendary British 168lb wizard Joe Calzaghe has spoken to the BBC ahead of the Vegas super-fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, predicting a win for Floyd, though calling his undefeated record “a massive burden.”

If there is anyone well placed to talk of the burden of protecting an ‘0’ then it’s Calzaghe, who finally retired in 2008 after an unblemished 46-0 record and 11 long years a world…

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Confession #46

Using a voice recorder to tape your interview seems like a great thing. I think to myself, “oh, now I don’t have to scribble everything down frantically, I can just calmly take notes.”

But then, taking extra time out of my day later to listen to the whole thing proves to be a daunting task because I have so many other things to do!

The Rkade Episode 46 - We Got Secrets!

The Rkade Episode 46 - We Got Secrets! Is now ready for your ears. Click the link now. With @unknowncommode & myself, back at it. #GruntRose

The Rkade Show Notes Episode 46 – We Got Secrets! Recorded 4/18/2015 Hosted By Christopher T. Grundtner & Sean Rose

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GAME THREAD: #5 Washington Wizards (0-0) @ #4 Toronto Raptors (0-0) - (GAME 1) via /r/nba

GAME THREAD: #5 Washington Wizards (0-0) @ #4 Toronto Raptors (0-0) - (GAME 1)

General Information

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Regular season records: Wizards 46-36 -Raptors, 49-33

Game Officials:

  • Monty McCutchen

  • Derrick Stafford

  • Josh Tiven

  • Mark Lndsay

Game Stats

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Severe burns killed Greensboro man in November

Garry Gupton, 26, is accused of assaulting, burning and killing Stephen White, 46.

from News-Record.com - news, news/, business, business/, sports, sports/,news, news/, business, business/, sports, sports// To read the rest of the article Click Here
via Greensboro NC News and @NewsGSONC

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Friday - April 10, 2015`s - Historical Climate Data AND Saturday - April 11, 2015`s - Partial Climate Data !

Friday – April 10, 2015`s – Historical Climate Data AND Saturday – April 11, 2015`s – Partial Climate Data !

Lowest Barometric Pressure : 29.89″ At 12 a.m.
Highest Barometric Pressure : 30.17″ At 11 p.m.

Lowest Relative Humidity : 45% At 2 & 4 p.m.
Highest Relative Humidity : 91% At 3 a.m.

Lowest Dew Point Temperature : 40° At 7 p.m.
Highest Dew Point Temperature : 65° At 1 a.m.

Lowest Wind Speed : Calm at 8, 9, 11 & 11:59 p.m.
Highest Wind Gust : SW – 32 m.p.h. at 1 a.m.

Lo : 45°
Normal : 46°

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