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Can you explain to me what's going on with Scotland an in Glasgow? I'm in Texas and haven't been able to follow it on my own.

scotland voted for its independence on thurdsay and overall it was a no vote with only 45% of people voting yes (there are suspicions of vote rigging but that’s a whole other post). in glasgow, however, the results were over 50% yes, which seems to have given the violent unionists an easy target.

glasgow already has a huge problem with violence, particularly sectarianism, which is the root of a lot of the violence happening right now. the orange order, a unionist protestant organisation notorious for violence against catholics, have been ‘celebrating’ their win with violence against supporters of scottish independence as well as catholics or anyone they believe to be catholic.

far-right unionist groups such as britain first and the EDL (the latter of whom are literally neo-nazis) have also taken to the streets and are targeting independence supporters and POC, particularly glasgow’s large muslim community.

there have been reports of stabbings, beatings, buildings being set on fire and even people being set on fire but of course none of these reports have been confirmed because the pro-union media refuse to report that people on their side can do any wrong. the few reports i have seen have shifted the blame onto yes voters.

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Hi! What is happening in Scotland now that the no vote has won?

There was some violence in Glasgow last night but generally things are okay.

UK politicians are currently squabbling over what change to bring in and when to legislate for it. Meanwhile the 45% of people who voted Yes have begun to mobilise into #the45 movement which will hopefully remove all Westminster-based parties from Scotland.

The Yes campaign lost in the face of 38 of 39 newspapers supporting No. Every age group except 55+ voted Yes by a strong margin.

Scotland’s time will come again.

it’s just
you said you’d listen to my story
after you were done on the phone but
when i came back you asked what was
“so goddamn important”
i couldn’t stop nagging you about it
and since it was something stupid i was just hoping
would make you laugh so
i told you to forget about it

it’s just
you said you’d read my writing and
not laugh at it but in reality
i’ve never stopped being a joke in this family
because in middle school i wrote dark short stories
where the main character died and yeah in retrospect
maybe that’s funny but
there’s also a reason why since then i don’t
show you anything because at thirteen hearing you
refuse to take my work seriously
didn’t really make me feel like laughing

it’s just
you said that school was important but
at the same time would get so pissed at me
if i stayed up doing homework
all i would hear is “why didn’t you start this
earlier” and when i tried to explain i had other things to do
i was told “i don’t want to hear it just get it done”
and when i ever mentioned that i was stressed to the point
of breaking into glass pieces
you always rolled your eyes and said “you don’t even
know what stress is” even though when i asked for help on projects
you’d barely even look at it before
deciding it was too difficult

it’s just
you’ve never said
that you’re proud of me
only told me the things i should be fixing like
how i’m kind of getting a tummy and my hair is always
messy and how i’ll never get married if i don’t start
being more mature and how i need to work on being
the perfect student or i’ll never amount to anything and
i need to patch up my personality

i don’t know but
when you asked me why i’ve been
“so distant lately it’s kind of bitchy”
i got as far as
“it’s just”
before you said
“don’t start with me.”

i don’t know what you want. i wish i could just

—  "Are your parents supposed to make you hate yourself?" /// (r.i.d)

Neil Patrick Harris is spilling details about his wedding to David Burtka

E! Online (Sept. 17, 2014)

The 41-year-old Tony winner and his 39-year-old hubby tied the knot in Italy last week surrounded by close friends, family and their 3-year-old twins, Harper and Gideon. The How I Met Your Mother star says getting married was important for his family.

"We just have been together over 10 years," Harris said this morning on The View. “I think when our kids got to the age where they were having reasonable conversations—where they’re asking lots of why questions—then it seemed like to be able to have a real clear-cut explanation of who their daddy is. I think its great [to say], ‘He’s my husband.’”

As for their Italian ceremony, which included mega-star guests like Elton John, Harris dished, “It was nice. It was very small, intimate. Only 45 people were there. We did a destination wedding so it kind of kept the numbers down. I just wanted to be able to say nice things about David, to David, in front of the people who matter most to us…a declaration to share in front of our kids.”

"When you watch other people say their vows and they get all choked up you think, ‘C’mon, pull it together, man!’" he went on. "Then when you’re standing there and it’s you and you have this piece of paper that’s shaking…you can’t help but just get super-duper choked up. I wasn’t a crying mess or anything, but they’re important words that need to be heard by the person that you’re [marrying]…it was fun."

The couple’s twins played a part in the ceremony, but not without a little bit of drama.

"They were fun. Harper was the flower girl," Harris revealed. "Gideon was supposed to be the ring bearer. He said, ‘I’m the orange boy.’ We said, ‘What in the world is an orange boy?’ He explained this whole thing that he comes down with a basket of oranges and he hands the oranges to everyone…Harper was gonna go first and do the flower petals. She’s much more into Frozen and Tinkerbell and performing…She was very excited to throw flowers at people…We’re about to start. Harper doesn’t go and she panics. She’s starting to cry and we’re all stressed, like, ‘You have to go now! We’ve timed this to the sunset’…I was like, ‘David, let’s pick her up and we’ll all go together.” 

Too cute.

Source: eonline.com