Boker Plus War Toad ‘Pimped’
This came back today from RT Knives
I will not go into detail as Ru has this very well covered in these two posts:



What I will say is that Ru has done an awesome job of pimping this weird/ugly/strange knife and I’m really happy with the outcome.

First two pix above are stolen from Ru and stitched together to show before/after. Third pic I just shot from my cameraphone of the awesome jimped backspacer :-)

For  Custom made knives, sheaths and tactical products check out his page: http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/



@cutchemistbw shears #JapaneseSteel #440c ….. #shearfade by #kennyduncan of #clippereducation (at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, uSA)

http://bit.ly/159zdaY Submitted by Chris Szaroleta

Continuing on with the Spyderco love, today’s carry included the Cat. So small and simple, but with many awesome design pluses. G-10 scales, that sexy Spydie wire clip and a short, 440C blade. In the right jeans pocket, just next to the Cat, was a Leatherman Sidekick. Both the Sidekick and the Wingman are awesome multitools, but I prefer the Sidekick because I’m somewhat adverse to serrated edges. Always have a Zippo, as well as a small torch…today it was the special edition E99 by Fenix. Although it was spitting snow here this morning, the weather report called for plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, which there was! The New Wayfarers came in pretty handy on the drive home! Also, this Weekender has a customer black leather band. Enjoy!

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Another completed chef knife that I call “Checkers” 1/16” 440C stainless, blue denim kririnite handles with clear fiber optic pin #chef #chefknife #madeinusa #kitchen #knife #kitchenknives #knifelife #knifegasm #knifeporn #knifemaker #knifeaddict #knifecollector #knifecommunity #customknife #customknives #vetmade #veteranownedbusiness