Alexander Moissi in Die Braut von Messina by Truus, Bob & Jan too! on Flickr.

Alexander Moissi in Die Braut von Messina

German postcard by Hermann Leiser Verlag, Berlin, no. 4293. Photo: Becker & Maass. Publicity still for a stage production of Die Braut von Messina (The Bride of Messina) by Friedrich Schiller with Moissi as Don Manuel.

Albanian-Austrian Alexander Moissi (1879-1935), born as Aleksandër Moisiu, was one of the great European stage actors of the early-20th century. The attractive and charismatic women’s idol also appeared in several silent and early sound films.

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Glitter in the Air
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by CaptainHillShipper

When Steve Rogers acquiesced to his best friends request to spend his last night in New York at a dance club, he expected it to end as it always did, in disappointment. Instead, Steve meets someone who could change his life, if he can only convince her it’s safe to do so. A/U in a major way. Pre-serum Steve in modern times. No Avengers or Super Heroes.

Words: 4293, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1J1H6BO