42*Raw  (at Papaya Playa Project) Tulum, Mexico

I had the “Rawsagna” which was actually really good.  Super light and refreshing…  Tasted nothing like lasagna of course. :p

I don’t normally enjoy raw food, but an all vegan restaurant in Tulum? I had to give it a shot.  PPP is a “pop-up” hotel so I’m not sure how long this will be around but you should give it a shot if you’re there.  PPP throws really fun Berlin style dance parties on the weekends too!

Raw Chocolate & Maca Fudge-filled Cup


For the chocy

150g coconut oil
100g cacoa butter
100g cacao powder 
1/2 cup of maple syrup
Or xyntiol 
Pinch of salt and vanilla 

Old style bain marie: Melt oil and add sweetener. Keep the temperature below 42 to keep chocy raw. 

Fudge it - 
Handful of cashews ground down (optional) 
100g coconut oil
50g maca  
Touch of sweetener 
Melt oil and Blend altogether give a good mix 

Pour a layer of chocolate into a mould, then pour in the maca fudge and top with another layer of chocolate. 

Leave to set and store chocs in the refrigerator. Enjoy!!  

Recipe by Forrest Yoga teacher & Raw Food Goddess, Bex Bridgeford, UK.