Woke up and then just chilled and smoked, watched prison break with jen.  After that I had to go to campus so we went to campus and then ate before my chemistry class. I went to chem with tiffany and jen came too, I freaked knocked out the whole class while jen was watching prison break T_T..  I had a chem quiz today, I Don’t think I did tooooo well.  After that we just chilled at commons and Jen watched more pb.  I went to the gym with Adrian and I did back and tris.  After that I just lingered around campus and chilled at commons and the library.  I chilled with some of my old niggas and we grabbed dinner together.  After that I met up with Jen and went to chipotle with her since she didn’t eat yet and the I went to chill culture night rehearsal.  That shit took forever gottttt damn.  After that we went to jens house and then back to mine and andy came over so we smoked and shit. Andy freaking has barspins over me.  Fuck everything.  Looks like I have to step my game up now.  But at least he doesn’t have it on lock so it’s all good. 

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