Act now!

Time is running out! Act now to stop further Russian aggression against Ukraine!

We need 10 min of your time every day

Call or Visit Congressional Representatives

USA will provide $350M to Ukraine (arms and non-NATO ally designation) if the Senate bill S.2828 is introduced and voted on in the House of Representatives. You must tell Congress you want this by Dec 1st!

Here’s how:

1. You can call your representative in the House of Representatives during business hours.

2. You can call Rep. Marcy Kaptur to thank her for her steadfast support of Ukraine’s struggle against Russian aggression. We need to continue thanking our supporters. Call her office 202 225 4146 to thank her and encourage her to stay the course.


3. If you can make it to Washington, then you can help by visiting several offices of congressmen and making your support heard.

Choose how you’d like to help in the menu on the right!

This is not just another petition. We have reached out to seasoned political advisers for help, and they are helping guide our collective effort. These methods have been proven to work and in just 10 days they have significantly raised awareness of the urgency of helping Ukraine.


  • Phoneathon Results: over the weekend 55 individuals made over five thousand phone calls and overwhelmed the voice mails of the Representatives. The positive ripples of the delivered message about S.2828 was felt by our team on the ground on Monday. Thank you. 
  • Calls to Representatives: We estimated this weekend that well over a thousand phone calls have been made to the representatives asking for their co-sponsorship of the House version of S.2828. We adjusted our strategy based on the valuable insight we got from the phone call logs (over 116 detailed entries as of this weekend).
  • We are compiling updated statistics. Another update coming tonight (Wednesday).
  • Our collective efforts in the media: This effort is a result of our collective awakening to the understanding that we must stand up for Ukraine in the halls of the U.S. Government. Since you started this campaign with us only 10 days ago, many national and international media mentioned our effort. We will compile a list of these and post them here. For now, we are too busy visiting congress and logging your calls. Keep them coming! 

Jefferson County authorities were involved in a high speed chase that resulted in gunfire. The Suspect Tyler Craig Lind is considered armed and dangerous! If see the suspect or know of his location you are to call the Jefferson County Sheriffs office at 641-472-4146.

On November 23, 2014, a Deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was involved in a high speed pursuit with an individual at approximately2:58 A.M.  The pursuit ended when the suspect crashed his truck.  The suspect turned a long gun on the deputy and shots were fired.  The suspect then fled the scene into nearby timber with a long gun in his possession.   The individual was last seen heading into the timber around 190th Street and Ash Avenue in rural Jefferson County.
The suspect is Tyler Craig Lind, Date of Birth July 25, 1988, 26 years old, White Male, 5 foot 8 inches tall, Hazel Eyes, and Brown Hair.  He was wearing a dark colored sweatshirt and dark colored pants. 

10% of households make up a quarter of the garbage on the road.

Item 9 Solid Waste Rates on the 10/28/14 City Council Agenda.

If you convert the number of cans into 32 gallon equivalents you get

20e=1157 households

32= 4146



Adding 96e and 64e gives 1544 or 23% of the total volume on the road. In other words ten percent of users make up about a quarter of the extra trucks, road wear, and cost of service of garbage. At 40 seconds into the video the consultant says that the price differential in the overall per gallon rate is 23% also. It’s an arbitrary way of setting the differential and covers a larger range (from 20 to 96) but coincidentally it relates to a concrete cost number which is the volume on the road.

CAC 40 Analyse technique et statistiques pour le 17-11-2014

CAC 40 Analyse technique et statistiques pour le 17-11-2014

Encore neutre

Après une ouverture haussière, le CAC 40 se maintient dans une phase d’évolution sans amplitude.

Prochains supports : 4146 – 4110 – 4065 pts

Prochaines résistances : 4188 – 4252 – 4277 – 4317 pts

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