“Rejoice, children! Your Father brings you hope in your darkest hour. Let those who would accept his gifts come forth and receive the blessings of the Lord of Decay. Cast away your crutches and doubts. Put aside beliefs in a false master who fills your hearts with lies, sorrow, and regrets. Embrace instead the glorious gifts of rot and decay. Revel in the beauty of putrescence and be reborn a living symbol of perseverance.

-The Daemon Prince Gal’furth, addressing the diseased inhabitants of the conquered city of Kulis VII

(art by: Jacob Atienza, a.k.a. jubjubjedi)

kingoftheblahblek asked:

I have been a devout follower of the dark gods for about a year now (I play CSM), but recently I have been getting into Dark Eldar. Tell me, champion of the Ruinous Powers, have I lost my way?

Most certainly you have found a direct way into the belly of Slaanesh. You may lose the favor of the others, but surely you can try and sate his/her/its thirst. (you can’t)

jaden smith is out there wearing a dress and talking about how clothes should be gender neutral and it’s so great to see such an influential young person being so educated and being fearless and free to express themselves and all the media want to do is treat him like ‘hah ha stupid teenager’ because they don’t understand his twitter and because he was born into fame i mean fuck that honestly 

What triggers my anger is when that person who happens to be a female says: “I don’t need feminism. I don’t need to be liberated.”

How about you tell that to:

  1. that Moroccan girl who killed herself after being forcibly married to her rapist (x)
  2. that 11-year-old Texan girl who got raped by 18 men while the New York Times said she “dressed older than her age.” (x)
  3. Reyhaneh Jabari, an Iranian woman who was tortured in jail then hanged after killing the man who was going to rape her. (x)
  4. Nojood Al-Ali from Yemen who got divorced when she was 10. (x)
  5. the 16-year-old girl from Ohio who got raped and filmed at a party by 2 boys, while CNN reporters talked about the bright futures of the rapists as athletes. (x)
  6. the 94 women in Jordan who were legally married to their rapists, only in 2014. (x)
  7. the 8-year-old girl who was married to a man 5 times her age, and died on the day of her wedding because she suffered from bleeding and uterine rupture after intercourse. (x
  8. the 25 Palestinian women who were killed by either their brother or father, in order to “protect their honor” only in 2013. (x)
  9. the 99% of Egyptian women and 90% of Yemeni women who have experienced sexual harassment (x) (x

You still don’t need feminism?