Sterek AU: First Son!Stiles and Bodyguard!Derek

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Stiles knows the fact that there’s a security breach at the White House should be more pause for concern, but it’s hard to muster up any kind of fear when Hale is wearing nothing but soft looking sweats, gun drawn, tattoo and hard muscles highlighted in the moonlight. Hale is always gruff and demanding and Stiles usually can’t stand the guy. But right now, he’s hard pressed to feel anything but slightly aroused and curious as to what the Secret Service Agent would look like in his bed.


Derek’s trapped in his mind, where he keeps seeing his dead family - over and over - as Kate manipulates his body in the real world to do her bidding. Deaton finds a way to insert Stiles into Derek’s subconscious to try and wake him from his never ending nightmare.

"You need to come back now, Derek."


"Because I, we need you."


In a world were human’s are now an endangered species and werewolves have taken over, a resistance is forming. When Peter Hale, a high ranking general in one of the most powerful werewolf packs, learns of the resistance, he sends his nephew, Derek, to infiltrate their camp and bring them down from within. Derek is more than up to the task, ready to prove himself to his uncle and their pack. What Derek wasn’t expecting was to grow to admire the resilience of the humans and their will to fight and live. And he definitely wasn’t expecting to fall for their second in command - the loud, obnoxious, sarcastic, smart, witty, and gorgeous - Stiles Stilinski or that Stiles might just return his affection. What will happen when Stiles discovers Derek is the very creature he’s been raised to hate? Will Derek betray his own pack to save the human he was never supposed to care for? Could their love be the very thing so desperately needed to bring together two warring factions and end a decades old feud?