I turned to Jamie in sudden panic. “I can’t marry you! I don’t even know your last name!”

He looked down at me and cocked a ruddy eyebrow. “Oh. It’s Fraser. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.” He pronounced it formally, each name slow and distinct.

Completely flustered, I said “Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp,” and stuck out my hand idiotically. Apparently taking this as a plea for support, he took the hand and tucked it firmly in the crook of his elbow. Thus inescapably pinioned, I squelched up the path to my wedding.

"When you play the game of thrones you win or you take over the world, launch a crusade across the stars, only to have your favoured son turn against you, start a catastrophic civil war and nearly kill you so that you end up upon a Golden Throne for ten thousand years whilst the empire you built warps into a twisted version of your vision." - The Emperor of Mankind

a deer in the headlights

this pic killed me and i am now dead

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