omfg look disgusting LOLOLOL & lopsided video but yano, only reminder of vancity idol cause all the other videos were gone!!

day 1 gross like always …………. no hwk though i’m pretty sure so yah :D stayed afterschool until 4 ish & then bonks mom picked her up cause she had piano. walked home with sab & bought sweet chili heat doritos ahehrahe. ranted for a while at jones park & yah chilled on the swings. a bit cold but nice day outside =)

bused home & then had a little bit of dinner then bonks dad eventually came to pick me up so we could go to vancity idol!!!!! YAYYYYY =) excited for cute boys ehaeha… wished teresa goodluck!! went there & was about 10 minutes late but yah watched!! FREAKING SO MANY CUTE BOYS LORD, hate dt. jonathan didn’t come but a lotta schools were rly good!! (the guy up there is timothy or from van tech ;) heahe he was all theatrical & cute AAAH) + gentlemans vibe performed! didn’t exactly know who they were but yano.. one guy was hot ;) HAHA they serenaded a girl omfg it was so cuteee :3 uh sat w/ hanna & her grade 8s/9s after intermission. half the kids were on their phones .. smh -.- teresa didn’t make it but she still did a really great job!! <3 chilled afterwards, said hi to yvonne’s friends HAHA & stayed afterr for a while waiting for bonks daddy =)  started raining but ya went home, didnt do chinese, laptopped & watched raise your voice then slept @ 2

Friday - Apr 27

Today I only had to go to two classes and one of them I had a sub and we did nothing. ;l But each class was 30 minutes so I could’ve left school at 10:10am. But I stuck around. Then I went to Stonestown to wait a bit before I meet my sister in downtown. I bought 2 shirts hehe. I might return one though. 

Downtown got another white citrus lotion freeeeeeeeee. Then we went to North Beach to Burger Meister for curly fries. We took it to the park to eat and we played on the swings. n_n 

She ended up not going to volunteering so we hung out longer. We walked towards the tourist place to go to Starbucks. I could only drink passion fruit tea…no ice. lol. Then we got candy at Walgreens. She sent me off on the bus to go home, and she went to Gal. 

Mommy had a bunch of mineral makeup stuff and she didn’t know what it was. She thought the foundation was just powder. LOL. That means she’s kind of been using double foundation? hahah. 

Need to go morning class Chinese school tomorrow, so I should sleeeeeeeeep. Shirley isn’t going tomorrow…cus she doesn’t wanna wake up early. -_- BOOO. Oh well, I guess I can pay attention then buahhaha. No I’ma bother other people like Linda and Winnie. ehehhe.