Long Wavy Half Up Hair Converted For Girls: 300 Followers Gift-Part 2

Yay! I’m finally done with part two of my 300 followers gift! I really liked this hair for the adults but of course children need it too. So I decided to convert it!

Pleeeeeease extract it and read the readme.txt file.

Enjoy! :)

The title kind-of says a lot about the cc already, so I don’t need to explain much of it lol

Oh and I forgot to mention that it’s base-game compatible! :)

Download (click me!)

Sophia Smith inspired: What’s in my bag? Everyday Edition by alwayswearwhatyouwanttowear featuring Eos

Louis Vuitton clothing, €53 / Yves Saint Laurent flap wallet, €580 / Forever 21 black satchel, €22 / Burberry key chain ring, €245 / Ray-Ban sunglasses, €175 / H M elastic hair tie, €5,62 / Lord Berry eyebrow makeup, €97 / Burberry perfume fragrance, €105 / Eos lip treatment, €3,59 / Body moisturizer, €13 / Body cleanser, €4,49 / Tangle Teezer hair detangler brush, €15 / LEATHER PERSONAL PLANNER LARGE BLACK CHERRY, €72 / APPLE iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB, Gold, €870 / Saint Laurent Leather Make-Up Bag, €445 / Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic Apple Store, €26

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LMAO your "school" is a for-profit school, meaning your degree won't be worth the paper its printed on. Why don't you read up them? Community college = good, for-profit = they don't cafe if you learn a damn thing because they're just a business looking for your money. You're gonna wish you had student loans, at least then you'd be out of money for an actual education, here you're paying for a piece of paper that employers will likely not accept. Before you dismiss me, READ UP. I'm serious

u pressed like flat ironed hair 4 why

Name: elyairis- eternal; Emily.

Description: 5'4, brown hair, green eyes, leader, not afraid to fight to the top, fearless, loves chaos, is loyal.

Plot: Emily loves being Crowley’s Queen, particularly because of all the Hell she gets to raise. So when Crowley gives her a group of Demons and a job to do, she doesn’t refuse.

“They’re all yours, darling,” Emily remembers him saying at the beginning, along with, “I don’t care who dies-as long as it’s not you.” So here she is, surrounded by lifeless bodies, both human and demon, blood still warm on her face and adrenaline still pumping through her veins. Never has she had so much fun!

“Bravo, my lovely Emily,” Emily turns to her King with a proud smirk.

“I’ve never felt so alive, Crowley,” he holds Emily’s shaking hands in his own, admiring the chaotic gleam in her eyes.

“Murdering innocents will do that to a person,” Crowley and Emily chuckle together as the king wipes a drop of blood from his Queen’s nose.

“How does dinner sound?” Emily grins as she straightens Crowley’s suit collar.

“That sounds perfect.”

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Female. 19. 5'4. Curly blonde hair. Green eyes. Thin waist, cute thighs. I smell like sea salt and cocoa butter. Got a nice summer tan goin'. Texting the bae requires a six emoji quota. I know all the best Indian curry, Japanese and Tai restaurants within a ten mile radius, and will take you to all of them. We can get takeout and go to the park. If you let me keep you late enough, you'll see the owls come out. I've always wanted to couple cosplay DA with someone. Looks deceive, I'm a huge nerd.



cute thighs too rip my heart

Spotlight On 4 Type Hair 

Learning about your hair type is a great way to get a better understanding of what your hair can do and simply can not do. The sooner you learn the truth about your hair type your hair will be better suited for styling and product selection. 

Coily 4type hair is very prone to damage by nature because of its zig zags or Z formed bends and curls. If you have this particul ar hair type you may find yourself suffering from a lot of unwanted breakage and dryness. 4 type hair is very fragile and delicate because coily hair has a small amount of cuticle layers so, it provides very little protection against damage stemming from flat ironing , blowdrying, brushing, and combing. Coily hair must be babied and shelter from dangerous styling methods and chemicals to remain resilient and beautiful. The number one thing coily hair needs is moisture, moisture, moisture. Constant washing and styling only rips the life right out of your hair so it needs more moisture and less manipulation.

Do’s & Don'ts for coily hair:

Protective styling at least 80% of the time- braids, twist, finger coils, comb coils, bantu knots, french braids, and french rolls

Air drying- this method of drying will free your hair from being manipulated as much because you will be skipping heat, combing, and brushing

Add Ins- Adding oils and honey to your deep conditioner, conditioner, and leave in conditioners is a great way to infuse your hair with added moisture.

Combing- Always use a wide tooth comb on damp or fully moisturized hair. Never comb your hair while it is dry this will only cause your hair to snap and break off.

Brushing- If you are going to brush your hair use a boars bristle brush. These brushes are by far the safest brushes on the market.

Heat- Use as less heat as humanly possible 4 type hair is no friend or fan of heat. If you are going to use heat limit your use to once or twice a month if that. 

Chemicals- 4 type hair lacks the layer of protection hair needs to be able to go up against relaxers and hair dyes and have successful breakage free damage free hair outcome. Limit your relaxers and try to stretch them out as long as possible to avoid over processing your hair. The same goes for hair dyes instead of commercial box brand dyes opt for plant based dyes like henna or indigo. These natural dyes won’t only give you a color payoff they will also provide your hair with strength and conditioning that will leave your hair in tip top shape. 

Products for 4 type hair:

*Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel

*Raw Shea Butter


*Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Cold Pressed Castor Oil

*Coconut Oil


*Heavy Leave In Moisturizers