140920 - Eric Nam's Showcase in Toronto !! ^^

phew what a day~ 
before i begin i just want to say that eric is an incredibly incredibly sweet guy and if you ever get the opportunity to see his loveliness in person, it is completely worth it ^^ he is a little excited ball of sunshine and he smiles a lot and is 100% the dork you see through your computers whenever you watch ASC~ with that aside, i do hope you enjoy my fanaccount~ i’ll be adding lots of pictures in it this time !! (and by a lot i mean more than 30~ and trust me you wanna see them ehehehe HD photos of glorious eric nam nam) 

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r the 4.7k notes on the instagram post all u

HEY! well tumblr has this cool feature where u click the notes and it tells u who reblogged it and who liked it :D ur welcum <3

I still have hope that Frankie wont win because we’ve been voting for Zach and Donny since the first day, her fans only have 2 days to vote, today and tomorrow. Hopefully the majority just scroll right pass that trash.

build me up from bones, part 1/4, 1.7k

Cas thinks the safest thing for everyone is to stay away. Dean doesn’t really consider himself ‘everyone’, though.

Or, wherein Dean is post-demon and Cas’s grace is turning him into, literally, a ticking time bomb.


Holy water doesn’t burn him. Even the mark of Cain is gone.

Dean walks weakly out of the devil’s trap and Sam throws his arms around him, wild with relief and a reckless, exhausted happiness Dean isn’t ready to feel, can’t bear to feel but equally can’t turn away. Sam’s arms are warm and strong and familiar and startling; it feels like an epiphany rather than a memory, like Dean’s just unlocked some amazing secret he’s been trying to crack for a long time.

He hasn’t. This is just what it feels like to be human again.

Sam smells like Sam and Dean wants to weep. He wants to crack a joke, or say something like all right, all right to get Sam off of him. But he can’t. He can’t pretend Sam didn’t just rescue his soul from eternal damnation and maybe it’s gonna take a little time to get over that. He can’t say thank you either, which leaves him with no words at all. He closes his eyes and tries desperately to pretend he can’t feel anything. He tries to pretend he doesn’t recognize the shapes in the darkness behind his eyelids, knowing that if they become too clear, he will push Sam away, terribly.

He just wants to make himself blank. But he’s everything. He exists. It’s wonderful. It’s a nightmare.

Sam finally releases him. He waits for Dean to say something, but he doesn’t wait long. “C’mon,” he says gently, slinging Dean’s arm over his shoulder, gladly accepting Dean’s weight. “Let’s get you out of here. That’s it.”

Dean’s chest aches before he begins to feel contempt. The stairways and hallways of the bunker through which Sam takes him is a fucking slideshow of decisions he shouldn’t have made, of things he shouldn’t have let in, of secrets and betrayals, of mistakes only he can see. Dean takes vindictive pleasure in the way the silence begins to thicken between them. Because… Dean’s an asshole? Sam hasn’t done anything wrong.

And yet all it takes is Sam slowly growing aware of the tension, clearing his throat nervously, for Dean to decide on the spot that he’s leaving, he can’t stay here.

The decision clears his head a little. He hopes Sam is taking him to the kitchen, because Dean is starving. He hates that he’s starving, that there’s pleasure, even, in the desire for food, but that’s not gonna keep him from eating. He’ll go along with whatever Sam has in mind. Then he’ll pack his bags. He won’t get caught. He doesn’t want to see Sam’s expression if he did.

Suddenly the realization slices through him like a knife. The board in his mind gets instantly reset.

“Where’s Cas?”

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Hiiii!! I like your blog because you have really good taste in fanfics. Do you know any good fic where one of the boys is kidnapped? (better if there is a happy ending).

Hey! Thank you~:) and sorry this took a while

Title: the milk misadventures
Pairing: KaiSoo
Genre: Romance, Humour/Crack, Mafia!AU
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4.7K
Summary: Kyungsoo is kidnapped as a result of Jongin’s dairy needs.

ugh totally adorable <3 

Title: Disarmed
Pairing: ZiKai
Genre: Romance, Mafia!AU
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: Threeshot
Summary:  ”…he knew there was no way a 2nd rank dog like Park Chanyeol could ever bag a guy like that.

Baekhyun in this fic is just too badass! 

Title: Smooth Criminal
Pairing: KaiSoo
Genre: Romance
Rating:  NC-17
Word Count: 5K
Summary: The greastest theif in Seoul isn’t after jewels this time.

This is the first oneshot, it’s KaiSoo, then all other pairing have their own side story following that one so i definitely recommend giving those a read!

-The Admins

Sugawara’s best friend’s wedding goes off well for everyone except for him when he meets her new husband’s boss and his frightening teenage brother. It’s a start.

T | DaiSuga, Others | Haikyuu!! | heLLA FAMILY FLUFF?? | future sea of emotion on the horizon | Part 1/5(?) | 4.7K

-LOTS OF NERVOUS SWEATING- S-Sorry for another start of a multichapter i’m horrible but this one was supposed to be a oneshot but it i just i don’t know what happened man i

but this prompt has been in on my bucket list for a couple days and i’m going to make it cOME ALIVE and tbh this is niki’s fault you cursed skype friend

here’s to the prologue of another start of a fic you never asked for

 INSTAGRAM @laurenjauregui posted a new photo.

@laurenjauregui: Welcome, Elizabeth Malik. I love you, princess.


@Camzwoahlol: OH M GOD SHES SO CUTE
@zaurenyasbitch: ZAUREN BABY I CANT BREATH SHE BORN @demiandfifth: AWWW CONGRATS

Does anyone else do the thing where something very large happens in the first 500-1000 words of a story, and then you spend the next 4-7k words distracting the readers and the characters from this huge momentous thing that just happened (even though they are literally sitting in the aftermath of it) by explaining this other thing, only to finally come back and explain the thing that happened?

Like, my first NaNo was KotOR, and Tana and Kael (Exile and Revan) saw the Star Forge had rebuilt itself, but I didn’t explain that. All I did was end the chapter with Tana shouting for Kael to come up to the cockpit, and him saying “Oh, shit.” They go about the galaxy, doing their merry crew-gathering way, having conversations and doing random missions and the plot is advancing along and before I know it, I’m THIRTY THOUSAND WORDS into the story, and I realize that my readers? They have NO idea that Tana and Kael have seen the Star Forge rebuilding itself. The rest of the crew - same issue. Over the course of the entire story, Tana and Kael have NEGLECTED TO MENTION that the entire reason they’ve gathered them all together is that the technology that caused those Star Maps to reassemble themselves after they were destroyed by the Rakatan slaves (yeah, forgot that part, didn’t you?) was also capable of rebuilding the Star Forge. It is literally self-repairing. And Here I am, 30k in, and NEVER mentioned it.

I was writing something for the past few hours and realized that I’d just had characters jump some 20 years into the past, change locations even, from indoors to outdoors, mentioned the change in scenery, and while the main character was fully cognizant of it, the other characters who were with her, and were fully aware of what had happened, had completely distracted her, and me, with something else, that I hadn’t gotten around to explaining the time travel bit.

Fuck me running sideways.

Seriously, is it just me, or does anyone else do shit like this?

Yesterday's run

I think I finally managed to sort out my garmin woes, after a very frustrating couple of hours trying to install updates and plug-ins and all sorts of other things far beyond my comprehension.  I still believe the Internet is flat, that’s how non-progressive I am when it comes to technology.

Anyway, I finally managed to upload and look at yesterday’s run.  I did a 7k run (4.35 miles) because I was determined to start getting some distance in my legs.  It was a tough run, and it felt really slow to me.  I’ve covered that distance much more comfortably in the past, but I must admit I’m pretty proud of myself for the fact that I kept going, rather than stopping after 5k (which I really wanted to do.)  My average pace was 8.42 minutes/mile, which is ok. Not great, but ok.  Could do better, though.  


18.03 miles/40 for September.  I’m going to struggle to meet my target, but there’s still time to get in those extra miles.  

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When did she follow you? How many followers do you have?

She followed me monday night at 9:44 pm my time which is 8:44pm nyc time. And I have 4.7k followers since I basically gain 1 follower per month ugh