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Juxl Puzzle: All you need is a pen & paper!

Win the game by connecting all the open line ends with curves, according to the pattern of moves!

Create harder Juxls and more intricate designs by adding additional groups of lines at the beginning:

  • Easy Level: Start with four groups of 3 lines each.
  • Medium Level: Start with five groups of 4 lines each.
  • Hard Level: Start with seven groups of 6 lines each.

Learn how to Create a Juxl Puzzle.

1. it seems cool to stay up until three am everyday. it’s not. get your sleep.

2. talking back to teachers or friends doesn’t make you sassy, it makes you rude. no one mature will think it’s funny.

3. if you say you can’t, you can’t. don’t stop trying before you even start.

4. people don’t judge you as much as you think. you love that jacket but think it’s too flashy? good. get it and rock it. no one will think you’re strange.

5. eat healthy and work out, if you can. you’ll feel great and you’ll be happier.

6. never lie or cheat. not on a test, not on your boyfriend or girlfriend, and don’t lie to anyone. you won’t benefit and you’ll regret it.

7. you’re different? own it.

8. dressing the part is half the battle. if you wear what you like instead of what’s popular, you’ll feel a million times better.

9. have your own opinions, voice them, but don’t shove them down people’s throats. they have their reasons like you have yours.

10. actually read your books for class. you’ll probably enjoy the majority of them and you’ll be less stressed. it’s easier to take a test on something you’ve read.

11. your grades and your friends and what people say about you doesn’t define you. you decide who you are, and if someone doesn’t like it, so what? the whispers behind your back won’t matter in ten years unless you let them get to you.

—  11 things I learned my freshman year of high school
thegirlwith-thestreetfightername replied to your post:i cant believe its been a whole year since i quit…

you quit school? why? just wondering

1) because it was too expensive
2) i was in such a bad place mentally; i was so depressed i coudln’t get out of bed some days it was awful i hated myself so much
3) shitty roommates
4) i started thinking that i had no idea what i was doing w/ my life there was no reason for me to be there
5) i had one friend but we didn’t hang out much

it was just a bad experience. it makes me sad. i wanted college to be EVERYTHING it was not and i know a big part of that was my own anxiety getting in the way. im actually jealous of people who go to college i’m so jealous sighs

Let’s talk about how season 4 of new girl started with the group attending a wedding and saying it was the last wedding they’d have to go to and they got rid of the last save the date and the season 4 now ends with a save the date being hung up on the fridge! Amazing writing to bring it full circle

The Road to Season 5

By Rob on May 6, 2015.

Season 4 has come to an end while it feels like it has just started a short time ago. This cliffhanger will have us waiting anxiously - though we have much to process! There has been no official confirmation of Season 5 yet but we are very confident to get word any day now - worst case, at CBS Upfronts on May 13.

In order to prepare for Season 5, let’s take a look at how Season 4 started to breathe. This gives us a chance to have rough estimates on when we can expect what information about S5 to start arriving.


After renewal (which should be official soon - and very likely!), the first thing to start is - obviously - the writing. The writing process starts by them exploring general themes for the season, building a structure, drafting rough developments. As they continue, they’ll start breaking it down into episodes and add more details. Eventually, the episodes itself start going into the “actual” writing process

Last year, the first writing session was on May 28th, so we can probably expect writing to start in the last weetk of May or the first week of June.

First day back in the room! Getting our last bit of sun before descending into writing Season 4. pic.twitter.com/qAjWVyHja5

— POI Writers’ Office (@POIWritersRoom)

May 27, 2014

Also, we got to know the episode title of the S4 premiere, “Panopticon”, on July 2nd.

@mamahub19 Plageman and @Emount88 writing, Richard Lewis directing. Title: Panopticon. #PersonOfInterest #irrelevantsrock

— Amanda Segel (@absegel)

July 2, 2014


When the writing process has advanced and the first episode(s) have gone through the revision process, production can start. Last year, the filming started on July 7th, the monday after July 4th. This means, if Season 5 get picked up, July 6th is most likely production start this year.

“I would be flabbergasted if we weren’t renewed. I don’t know why it hasn’t been made official yet. I’m fully expecting to go back to work on the Monday after the Fourth of July.” - Michael Emerson in tvgoodness’ interview

Back then, CBS released a photo of the first slate.

Around that time this year, we can hope to get first glimpes in form of set photos or set reports.

Official snippets

Last year, we got a nice trailer for Season 4 containing some freshly filmed scenes for “Panopticon” during SDCC 2014.

This year it might be more difficult to present such an amount of new content because SDCC15 will be from July 9-12, compared to last year’s July 24-27.

Nonetheless, SDCC is where we will get a big load of new information, so mark this date on your calender! We’ll expect first teasers - maybe a big style trailer - in late July or early August.

The “usual” information (press release, promo pictures, promos) started to arrive in late August, increasing in detail until the premiere arrived in late September.

Conclusion & Summary

Even if the wait until September seems like an eternity - Season 5 starts way before the premiere airs. The summer has many things to offer - among them lots of little snippets to help us wait for the next season.

Until May 13: Renewal information

Late May - Early June: Writing begins

July 6th (probably): Filming begins, episode titles start dropping in

July 9 - 12: SDCC15 - Panels with information

Late July - August: First trailer with new content

August - September: Increasing amount of released information: Promos, pictures, descriptions - until

Late September: Season 5 premiere!


Two more months to go and it’s almost half of the year but it’s never too late to make some positive changes that will make ourselves feel proud before this year ends, right? 
Here are my ten game changer checklist that I will hopefully stick to until the year ends.
#1 Clear out your wardrobe. Donate or sell your preloved and used clothes.
#2 Budget your money wisely and stick to your savings plan
#3 Write a business plan and put your mind to it.
#4 Start using a creative planner and never neglect it.
#5 Make time for the things you love. ALWAYS!
#6 Remove toxic people from your life. It’s always quality over quantity.
#7 Get more organised.Take time to de-clutter your things and to jot down your adventures/meetings.
#8 Go on more adventures. It’s better to invest on experiences instead of things.
#9 Embrace positivity and live intentionally.
#10 Do exercise because yes, health is wealth. It’s better to start a healthy routine at an early stage because eventually it’ll become a habit that you’ll still be having until your old.

How about you? What’s your game changer plan that you think will make yourself proud? Anyway, i’ll be ending this post with a song from 1D’s current single, Stockholm Syndrome. I’ve been seeing this at the car with Jom for a couple of weeks now, talk about last song syndrome! Anyway, just hold on guys, the weekend is coming! Bye!

All You Ever Needed To Knotting by KuriKuri (E, 4.8k)

Derek had started reading the column by accident. Really, reading strangers’ questions about knotting and heat had never really appealed to him. However, at that point in time, he was a little desperate.
And he was right: most of the questions submitted by anonymous readers didn’t appeal to him. The answers, though, did.
(Or: In which Stiles writes an advice column about knotting and Derek is smitten. Also they’re neighbors.)

Gah. Failwolf is a Failwolf. Derek was so thirsty it hurt haha. Honestly, though. I found this super cute, and it was kinda amusing how much Derek wanted Stiles. But it all worked out in the end (but you probably knew that already, right?)


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