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Hey!This is more an opinion than a question so hope you don't mind.I think a lot of people relate when I say that the writers don't really look into Bellarke well not as much as the fans want anyway The whole slow process of building ultimate trust loyalty and then love is all good,but I mean when you look at other shows there's this silent support and faith that we can have in writers which I can't find here They've made progress I'll give them that but a bit more respect would be nice Agree

Opinions are 100% welcome here and I absolutely don’t mind you “asking” one. I love hearing from everyone and I welcome the connection!!<3To respond to your specifically though, I think that there was an obvious chemisty and tension between Bellamy and Clarke in the beginning that made the show more influential and interesting. I know that half the reason that I continue to watch is because of the small insignificant Bellakre moments (like the hug between Clarke and Bellamy, or how they work together for the better of “their” people).To the point of the silent support and faith: the reason, in my opinion, that there isn’t much of that silent faith is because we’re barely into the second season. Shows like supernatural, doctor who, and the like have all gone on for enough seasons for that kind of trust to exist between both the writers and the fans. I think that although it may not always be obvious there is a certain amount of mutual trust between us. My evidence is that I watch the show for Bellarke as well as the other major story lines and I have not been disappointed yet. I recognize that Clarke and Bellamy went from being each other’s enemies to becoming a bit more friendly and now they seem to be going through the whole awkward skinny love thing. And I see that they’re realizing their own feelings in a midst of a whole separate plot line that dictates their survival and the survival of those they care for. The 100 has seen progression in the characters and the plot line and the series endears itself to me with every new episode. I think that the writers are still getting their bearings and learning about the characters so when writing about romance they have to tread carefully (especially because they dove into every possible pairing during the first episodes of the first season— i.e. Bellamy+Raven, Raven+Finn, Finn+Clarke, Grounder+Octavia, Finn+Octavia, and more). They can’t let romance be the fuel for the entire plot or people will get bored quickly.

I’m still patiently waiting for Bellarke to be fully realized but I know that there’s realistically a long way to go before they can be together (what with the torture, wars, new planets, mountain men, parents, councils, grounders and the normal teenage/growing anxieties that they have to face (seeing as they’re minors) all threatening their way of life). Safe to say, I agree with you to some level but also disagree to some level. If you would like clarification, feel free to ask more questions. I love talking about The 100, any shape or form ;) xx

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dopingpong Screenshot #4 of the last Soviet cult cartoon “The End of Cone Rider”. Co-author Alex Novitski - in the 90’s began working in the studio “Pixar” and was an animator in the first 3D cartoons “Toy Story” and “Monsters , Inc.” 2y
dopingpong #theendofconerider #alexnovitski #sovietpsychedelia 2y
dopingpong @3to_n 1y
3to_n @dopingpong Dima, the text here should be changed because it has a different meaning. It should be something like: “M. Berenstain coauthor of Alex Novitski…”. Because it’s Berenstain who worked for Pixar, won an Oscar and so on. Thank you! 1y

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