my English goes from sounding American to British well excuse me I lived in America for a good three years or so when I was little like 3to 6 mbe and even went to American curriculum based school but now I’m in England everything is different but I’m used to it. my life story 💕🍭💌 sorry if it annoys you oops x

Trainee Intro: Soon

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you :)

My name’s Soon (a nickname I go by), I just hit the 21year of my life in february - which means I am a 94′liner :3

To me honest with you my weight has increased a lot lately, so i am happy to start again with a number on the scale I don’t feel well sharing. My starding weight is 102kg, yey for my bravery of sharing. I want to get to 70to75 with is healthy for my height of 172cm :)

my favorite goups are SHINee, Super Junior, Mamamoo, VIXX, EXO and FTIsland! :3

My ranking system

  • Weight 1st: -0,5kg | 2nd: -0,3to-0,4kg | 3rd: -0,1to-0,2kg
  • Fitness 1st: 5times | 2nd: 3to4times | 3rd: 1to2times
  • Food 1st: 7days | 2nd: 5to6days | 3rd: 3to4days
  • ‘Other’-Study 1st: 5days | 2nd: 4days | 3rd: 3days