Windows and HardDrive > 2To

You are using windows (7 pro 64bits), and just bought a new HardDrive of 3To. And your main issue is that wind0ws only detect 2To capacity available to use (you cant access to the rest).

Here is the tip :
- Open command in line on windows, type 'cmd' on “windows>research”.
- Enter the command 'diskpart’, the result will display “DISKPART >”.
- Type : ‘list disk' (it will display all harddrive connected on the computer).
remember the number of your over 2To harddrive.
- Then type : ‘select disk 1' ( here 1 is the number of my disk for example ).
- Type : 'clean all' (it will reset your disk properties).

From here you can close the command in line.

- Right click on “computer" from the windows menu.
- Select “manage" then "manage disks”.
- Windows will detect your disk as new one, so can now install it.
- select on the list “GPT
- Finally format your disk with “NTFS

now it supposed to work fine :)

That’s all folks

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