An Aspiring Sock

He was
An aspiring sock
Hoping, one day
With a little luck, or some friends
In high places
To be a leotard, or maybe
Dare he dream
So big
A pair of flannel pajamas
With pink and blue elephants and
White buttons

But for now
He was just
An aspiring sock
With big dreams and a hole
In his heart

~ 3SugarCubes

The Cosmic Flush

The sound of running water, flushing
From the stall two doors down, rushing
Reverberating off the tiled walls, gushing
Swirling and calling like a trapped phantom

Voices, ghostly eddies of muted tones
Poltergeists bubbling and babbling, spitting
And music somehow mixed and stirred in, whipped
Notes of indeterminate origin, of instruments unknown
Songs of ghosts trapped in the plumbing, nondescript

The very same sounds of life, that which I have known
Emanated from the stall, as if a universal truth

Perhaps the life I experience around me now
Gurgling with songs and voices in a watery cacophony
Was nothing more than the rush of galaxies and universes
Swirling around a cosmic bowl, a royal flush
As we head from black holes to an endless expansion

A septic journey that started with God
Wiping his ass