Once Again (Feat. Han So Hyeon/한소현 of 3rd Coast)
  • Once Again (Feat. Han So Hyeon/한소현 of 3rd Coast)
  • Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)
  • 3집 Shine

Artist: Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)
Song: Once Again (Feat. Han So Hyeon/한소현 of 3rd Coast)
Album: 3집 Shine

I’ve been waiting for Standing Egg’s new album and it is finally out. This song is their title song for this album and words can never be enough for me to describe this song. Acoustic guitar and Han So Hyeon’s voice is definitely a match made in heaven.  Indeed, another heartwarming song from Standing Egg to welcome autumn.  

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Everything feat. 3rd Coast
  • Everything feat. 3rd Coast
  • Lee Min Ki
  • Temperature of Love OST

Lee Min Ki - Everything feat. 3rd Coast (“Temperature of Love OST”, 2013)


That the one you loved so hard, but not forever, because no one accepts the cliche moniker of forever, could hurt you so much, is the biggest cliche of all. The one who was there for so long, but not quite forever; the one whom could have been everything, but was not quite, yet will forever remain in memory as someone who was still more than nothing. And that is enough, the residual unreached potential is still enough. It’s more than you deserve.