Terrible photo but another of my Top 10s from SEMA 2013. This Mk4 Golf from @034motorsport was absolutely ridiculous. 3litre, GT45r powered, 900rwhp monster. It took the award for best European build! #volkswagen #vw #golf #gti #r32 #rwd #3litre #turbo #gt45r #900rwhp #034motorsport #downshiftdoesamerica #euro #hatchback #monster #sema2013 #downshiftaus

Update on what ive eaten today!
For breakfast i had salmon with poached eggs
For lunch i had 50g wholewheat pasta with mince, meatball and tomato sauce (mince n meatballs were quorn)
For dinner i had sweet potato with salmon again! (Yes i had salmon twice but its my fave)
Snacks i had a homemade smoothie and a dark chocolate rice cake. Oh and i also had a square of dark chocolate with peanut butter on top (because i felt a bit cheeky)
I have also drank loads of water! I aim to drink 3litres a day minimum.

I am annoyed at the moment as i havent been able to keep track of weight loss (if theres been any😮) because i currently have no scales! Hopefully will get some tomorrow.

Stay motivated!