christ, another house. originally built these to be apartments but they are set to residential cause i was like oh then ppl without AL can download it but then i realized that im p sure u need AL for the roof sO idek what im doing with my life anymore.  u could even make them dorms if u want, i guess?  idk if there are any slaved meshes in here but if there are, check in clean installer and u should be able to infer where to get the masters from.  but if not lmk and ill link u to it if i can.  this house is made with all eps and sps and i rename my files.  might not look 100% like this in ur game cause i might have packaged some of the wrong files. full disclaimer.  okay enjoy!


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"Say Cheese!" One Shot

Author: that-one-drunk-writer

Imagine:  Imagine convincing Cas and Dean to both give you a kiss on the cheek at the same time, and then ducking so they both kiss each other. Based on this imagine from gabrielfallstonight.

Summary: You and your boyfriend, Sam, are tired of Dean and Cas dancing around their feelings for each other. You make a bet on whether or not you get them to admit their feelings. Fluff ensues!

Warnings: None! Just an absurd amount of fluff! (Editor Note: Destiel)

Word Count: 3k (Holy crap on a cracker I’m sorry!)

Link to Fic: ★★★

“Yo, Cas, can you pass me the ketchup?” You looked over to the celestial being sitting across from you and waited for a response.

“Cas….?” You said again tentatively. You tried waving your hand in front of his face. “Ok kid, what the hell is up with you?” This seemed to get this attention. Finally

So far, these are the recommended 00Q fanfics that I've received:

[Sequel] Bond Night Is Go by sorion (25K: Complete / Crossover)

[Sequel] Between The Shadow And The Soul by Fightyourdragon, Hedwig_Dordt (100K: Complete)

[Sequel] A Signal in the Heavens by beaubete (2K: Complete)

[Sequel] The Bloody Office by dr_girlfriend (3K: Incomplete)

P.2 [Sequel] Alea Iacta Est by Jen (48K: Complete / Crossover)
P.3 [Threequel] Memento Vivere by Jen (71K: Incomplete / Crossover)

[Sequel] Almost Normal by manic_intent (6K: Complete)


Thank you so much guys for the recs. ;) quartermasterandhisagentbeaubete,timestitchernobodyseesthisshhhmowenus,

exploding-pens, I can’t find the fic you recommended, unless you meant ‘anything’ as in all? Haha ^^

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request: michael being a bad/punk boy having sex in the office with an innocent girl please? that would be sexy and great thank u:)

this is so shitty lol i hate myself bye 

warnings: it’s obviously smut so read at your own risk

words: 1.3k


“Michael Clifford to the principal’s Office.” Sherry’s voice, the principal’s assistant, said through the speakers and Michael groaned.

"You’re dismissed Michael,” Mr. Howard, the Math’s teacher, sighed in relieve to have the boy out of the class.

You rolled your eyes when Michael winked at a random girl while exiting the classroom. Yes, Michael was hot and had that bad boy look that made all the girls go crazy, but that was it.

You thought Michael was simply overrated, however, Michael was a bad boy but not a manwhore. He didn’t go around fucking every girl that crossed his way, not that he didn’t have the chance, because they were all throwing themselves at his feet, no one understood why he didn’t take advantage of it, he just didn’t.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N) to the principal’s office.” Sherry’s voice said once again. You weren’t worried, the principal probably just needed help with something, he would always ask you for advice from a student’s point of view.

After Mr. Howard nodded his head as a signal for you to leave you grabbed your books and left the classroom.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” Sherry smiled at you as you sat on a chair outside the principal’s office.

“Morning, Sherry.” You smiled and opened the book you were currently reading for the third time, Romeo and Juliet, as you waited.

You heard a chuckle and looked up and saw Michael sat on the opposite side of the room. He got up and sat on the chair right beside you, you kept your eyes on the book.

“That book is shit.” He mumbles trying to keep his voice low because of Sherry.

You decided to ignore him and kept reading the book.

“Seriously, they killed themselves for each other, who would do that?” Michael chuckles again.

“If you read it, what’s your favorite quote?”  You raised your eyebrows as you looked deeply into his eyes.

“I just told you I didn’t like the book, I can’t have a favorite quote.”

“You’re lying.” You simply said and he furrowed his eyebrows. “You liked the book, if you didn’t like it, you wouldn’t get up just to tell me the book is shit.”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Whatever, Michael.” You sighed and continued to read the book, trying to ignore the obnoxious presence of Michael Clifford beside you.

“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.”Michael quickly said while looking at his lap.

You restrain the urge to smirk, because you were right, Michael did like the book.

“The principal had a little family problem, Michael you can go, (Y/N) he said he left a few papers on his desk so you can enter his office and read them.” Sherry smiled as she hung up the phone.

You closed the book and walked to the principal’s office.

On the desk there were a few papers and you picked them up and sat on the principal’s chair. It was a good feeling, you felt powerful. You laughed at your own thoughts and concentrated on the papers in front of you.

“Holy shit.” You almost jumped from the chair when you heard Michael’s voice.

“What are you doing here, Michael?” You asked and looked back down at the papers.

“You annoy me so much.” He groaned and sat down it the chair in front of the desk .

“How do you I annoy you? This is the first time we are actually having a conversation.”

“Exactly! Every other girl is basically dying to have a conversation and you just don’t give a fuck about me.”
Michael ran a hand through his hair. “And that fuckinguniform.”

"All the girls wear this uniform." You crossed your legs and tried to focus on the papers again. "Michael, can you please lea-"

"I know you’re not a virgin, you did it once with your ex-boyfriend." He interrupted you and leaned on the table to get closer to you. "Did you like it?" He whispered.

"N-No." You mumbled looking away from his eyes.

"I bet I could make you feel so much better, I bet you like it slow and he couldn’t give you that." Michael’s words make you feel uncomfortable but a bit turned on. "He was an asshole, wasn’t he?"

You chuckled and nodded your head.

"Look at me." Michael said and you lifted your head making your foreheads touch. "Do you want me to make you feel good?"

"M-Michael, I don’t-"

Your words were interrupted by Michael’s lips on yours.

"Kiss me back, (Y/N)." He mumbled against your lips. You don’t know why, maybe it was just because his lips tasted like mint, or maybe it was just because you were too infatuated with Michael, you started kissing him back feeling him smile against your lips.

"C’mere." Michael whispered and got up. You got up from the principal’s chair and walked over to him. "I always liked the way your skirt is knee length when the other girl’s skirts are almost showing their asses." He said and run his fingertips up and down your arms.

His head lowered and his lips met yours again.

"Wait." You pushed him away and he frowned. "Lock the door."

Michael smiled and quickly ran to the door and locked, he walked back over to you again reconnecting your lips.

"Your lips taste better than I imagined." He mumbled against your lips.

"Michael." You moaned his name as he started kissing your neck.

"What do you want, Kitten?" Michael says against your neck and you shivered. "I won’t make you tell me, you’re too innocent, but I love it,” He grabbed your hips and sat you on the principal’s desk. “now, we have to be quiet because noisy Sherry it’s outside.”  Michael smiled at you and you blushed and smiled back.

Michael kissed your neck for a little bit longer; you didn’t mind at all, you enjoyed the feeling of his warm lips against your cold skin.

"I’m going to do it just how you like it, slow." You moaned at his words and heard him undo his belt and his pants fell to the floor. "As much as I want to take them off, I am going to leave your shirt and bra on, for the next time." He whispered in your ear and ran his hand up and down your tight.

His hand started to go a little bit higher and you let your head fall to his shoulder in desperation.

Michael chuckled and his fingers pushed your underwear to the side.

His fingers started pumping in and out of you slowly as his thumb played with your clit making you moan quietly

"Michael, just get on with it." You moaned and ran your hands up and down his back.

"Someone’s a bit eager, Kitten." Michael smirked and you bit down on his neck making him gasp.

You continued to leave hickeys on his neck the way he had down to you as he pushed his boxers down.

"Since you haven’t done it in a while it’s gonna hurt-"

"I know, Michael." You assured him, he took a condom from his pants’ pocket and he slowly pushed into you.

As you knew, the pain came making you whimper.

"Can I move?" He asked as he kissed your collarbones trying to distract you from the pain.

"Y-Yeah." You nodded and Michael started moving slowly, just as he said and just how you liked it.

After a few more seconds of pain you started feeling pleasure and moaned a little bit too loudly.

"Shhh, you have to keep it down, Kitten." Michael said, and kissed you to quiet your moans and his.

Michael slowly pounded into you making your head fall back and you bit your lip to stop the moans from coming out.

"Michael, I-I think-"

"Let it go, Kitten." He says and you close your eyes and bit your lip making it bleed.

At the sight of you Michael came too letting out a load moan that was muffled by your lips.

You rested your head on his shoulder and smiled.

"I’m not so innocent now, huh?"  You said and Michael smirked.


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The Pianist and the Artist Part 2

Part 1

Summary: Dan’s lights all burn out so he stays the night at Phil’s.  Mario Kart and cute sleepy Dan ensues.

Genre: Pure fluff

Warnings: Very minor swearing

Length: 1.3k

That evening Phil finished his art project and drifted off to thoughts of a certain warm eyed boy.  The piano playing he heard for the next few nights was more special than ever.

The next time Phil saw Dan in person was about a week later.  Dan arrived at his front door with a sheepish expression.

“Hi Phil,” Dan began.

“Hello Dan.”

“So, all the lights in my flat seem to have exploded.” Dan stated rather apologetically.

“That’s quite a unique problem,” Phil replied repressing a smile.

“Yeah, I have no idea how it happened.” Dan stopped talking long enough to allow a somewhat awkward silence to seep into their conversation.  “Can I stay the night at your place?” He eventually, hesitantly asked.

“Yeah, defiantly.” Phil assured Dan.

“Oh thank god.  I am deathly scared of the dark so right now my flat is just a colossal bag of nope and my one good friend is away this weekend so I wouldn’t have had anywhere else to go if you said no.  Not that you’re last choice because honestly I probably would have asked you before my friend because, well, you’re cute and he has girlfriend and you probably don’t need to know all this.”

“No problem.” Phil grinned, motioning Dan inside his flat with his hand.  “Anything for my art supply savior.”

“Thank you so much Phil.  I promise I’ll be a good overnight guest.  I’ll try to not share any more of my embarrassing fears or stories that you probably don’t care about.”

 “I wouldn’t mind that, at least we’d get to know each other better.” Phil teased. “And don’t worry I probably have much worse stories of my own.”

“I really doubt it,” Dan retorted.  “So what were you up to when I so rudely interrupted your evening?”

“You didn’t interrupt anything, I was just playing some video games.  Care to join me for a game of Mario kart?”

“One does not simply join a game of Mario Kart” Dan stated. “I formally challenged you to a life or death tournament.”

“You’re on,” Phil replied giggling.

Dan settled onto Phil’s couch as Phil put the game in the game console.  “You have quite an extensive film collection,” Dan noted as he looked around.  “You seem to have all of my personal favorites.”

“You must have good taste then,” Phil replied.  “Maybe we can watch one later.”

“Yeah after I totally destroy you in this game.  Sounds like a plan.”

“You mean after I destroy you,” Phil handed Dan a remote.

“We’ll just have to see.”

After much teasing from Phil when Dan picked Baby Peach as his character (he just really liked the smaller cars and why not pick the little princess) they began the game.

As soon as the first race began the two boys only had eyes for each other’s demise. 

“Phil get off,” Dan yelled as Phil leaned all his body weight onto the younger boy.  “You’re crushing me.”

“Physically or in the game,” Phil teased, “because both are accurate.”

“Fine. You want to play this way?” Dan shifted his controller to one hand using the other to poke Phil’s sides and stomach. “You asked for it.”

“St-stoppp,” Phil giggled, “you’re going to make me drive off the edge.”

“That’s the goal,” Dan muttered shifting his attention to the screen and launching a red shell right at Phil.

“Damn it,” Phil exclaimed as Dan speed past him to the finish line.  “Right at the last second too.”

“It was the inevitable conclusion.” Dan grinned.

“You’ve only won one race, I wouldn’t get to cocky,” Phil reminded Dan.

“We can race as many times as you please, I’m always going to win.

“We’ll just have to see about that.”

Many rounds of Mario Kart later Phil was forced to surrender.  Dan had won the majority of the races even with all of Phil’s distractions.  After putting on an episode of Buffy (one of Phil’s distracting techniques had been asking incessant question that somehow Dan managed to answer while still winning.  During these questions Phil learned Dan had never seen an episode of his favorite show and well, that must be fixed.) Phil rejoined Dan on the couch.

Sitting close enough for their legs to be pressed together they watched many episodes.  Dan laughing at all the right part and Phil often finding himself staring at Dan’s reactions rather than the show he had seen so many times.  As the hours began to creep into the a.m. Dan’s head ended up on Phil’s shoulder as he slowly dosed off.

Phil smiled at the sleeping figure before shifting the boy’s weight as gently as he could onto a pillow.  Standing up Phil went to go grab a drawing pad.

Phil loves art.  Particularly drawing faces.  Trying to recreate the unique appearance of different people interested him.  Studying each picture before drawing, learning the different shaped features that people can have.  Faces, are in fact, the things that got Phil interested in art.  Now after many years of practice he has gotten good enough that he can make a living doing small art projects.  Most people want Phil to paint things that are not faces.  Scenes that he finds boring and tedious instead of the expressions and beauty of the human race.  However, painting their requests allows Phil to afford this decent, small apartment and still have plenty of free time to draw what he really wants to.

After finding drawing supplies Phil sat down on ground in front of the couch.  Aware of how creepy this position would look if Dan woke up and saw him Phil hurried.  Drawing people from memory is just too difficult and Phil just couldn’t wait for a natural opportunity to take a picture of Dan to come up.  He had to capture Dan’s beauty as soon as possible.

He quickly penciled a rough sketch of the boy with hair that was just beginning to curl.  He added long dark eyelashes splayed across Dan’s cheeks and the faint smile that Dan was currently wearing.  After completing enough that Phil could finish the drawing later, when he wouldn’t look like such a creep, he carefully tucked it in a folder under the coffee table.

Then he began to gently shake Dan awake. “Hey, why don’t you move to my bed?  It’s probably much more comfortable then this too small couch.”

Dan looked up rubbing his eyes. “No, too far,” he mumbled sleepily.

“Dan it’s just down the hall, come on.”  Phil extended a hand out to Dan helping him up.  With an arm firmly wrapped around the sleepy boy Phil guided him down the hall.

Once they reached the bedroom Dan stripped off his shirt and jeans with indifference to Phil’s presence. Blushing, Phil turned to leave just as Dan jumped into his bed.  Not feeling guilty about stealing my bed I see, Phil thought.

As if he could read Phil’s mind Dan spoke up, “You know you don’t have to leave.  Sharing a bed doesn’t mean anything.”

“It does when you’ve only spent time with the person twice.” Phil replied crossing his arms and staying put.

Dan closed his eyes but continued speaking, “Phil just based on our meeting situation I think we’re far from a normal relationship.  Just stop overthinking it.”

“Okay, I guess it’s okay.” Phil decided, “Dan?”  The boy was already asleep.

Phil smiled to himself.  After taking off his shirt and pants he carefully lifted the covers and climbed underneath.  Staying a friendly distance away from Dan he closed his eyes only to be covered with a warm embrace.  Cracking his eyes open he found a content Dan snuggled into his chest.  Pressing a soft kiss to the brunette’s head, he drifted off.

Thanks for reading :) Feedback is always appreciated.

Shelter Me

Summary: It’s raining and, yet again, Dan has forgotten his umbrella. Luckily there’s a stranger who’s willing to share theirs.

Genre: fluff, au

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings: mentions of deaths of loved ones

Notes: I was walking home in the rain one night without an umbrella, just hoping that a cute boy would come along and share his. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.


Dan can feel the water pressing down on him. He feels every hit, every tiny pellet of the clear liquid. He knows that he is getting wetter by the second, but he has given up caring. He has his hood pulled up, but the light wind keeps on pushing it back so that his fringe is starting to curl.

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Faye is now in the painter career (completed the culinary career & chef aspiration) Trey still a boss making about $3k a day just to spoil faye, he running the biggest business in willow creek everyone respects him. Truth been told he don’t even want faye to work !

when i hit 3k i’m doing letters to my followers and my favorite mutuals bc some of you i just want to squeeze and never let go bc i love you so much