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what kind of aquatic animals can comfortably live in a 2.5g tank? that's the biggest size i can fit in my room right now and i'd like to get into aquariums but i want whatever animal i get to be happy? i was thinking an african dwarf frog? but idk about fish. thank you very much.

No frogs, I’d only keep them in a 3gal or larger. A betta would do fine though, as long as it’s heated! (if you live in a climate the demands a heater). But that’s it, just the betta can fit in there.


Since I’m on a roll with fish-related things today, I cleaned out the 3gal I’ve been slacking on. Mr. Crowntail killed the two ghost shrimp and feasted upon their corpses so there was a lot of icky remains to vacuum out.

While he was floating in the cup, I got an okay picture of him but he looks more blue in the picture than in real life. I think he’s considered a copper?

I forgot to get a piece of driftwood for the anubias in this tank sigh. It’s gonna have to keep floating until I can find something pretty to attach it to.

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Kai, my fish can swim upright. I think he may have finrot, too but im not sure. He's the one in my new three gal

Your fish cannot swim upright?

Fin rot wouldn’t affect his ability to swim, so… a picture would be nice, or another description? What are the water parameters and temperature in the 3gal?