Rhiah Clachir and the Paper Dolls

My horoscope says “ You are the winner for the next four-to-six weeks because quite literally, a handful of planets is hyping the part of your chart related to romance, love affairs, parties, vacations, social diversions, sports events and playful times with children. What’s not to like? Not only will this be a fun-filled month, it will be productive for creative projects. (Great for writers, artists, painters, sculptors and anyone involved in arts and crafts.) The next few weeks are also a marvelous time to entertain at home and tackle redecorating projects or tweak your home to make it look clean, comfortable and attractive.” That is exactly what is happening!  This is perfect timing for a Paper People Fashion Pop UP show at the women’s crisis fundraiser. http://www.wcswr.org/terrific-tables/ The whole table, candle holders, napkin rings, belts hats and shows will be decorated with collage and printed paper.  7 girlfriends of mine from high school will collaborate and model for this fun day that can be a sort of “grand final”  and new beginning for my creative arts workshops and DIY tutorials, at my home studio, the art space ( working center )  and Creative Enterprises in Uptown Waterloo.  www.ethikl.com.au/rhiahclachirtarts For your custom orders.