Hey Everyone! 

Featured artist time!!! FOR ANIMAL CROSSING LOVERS!!

These lovely figures are by “RezArmy” on Etsy.com. (not by me) The artist uses a resin casting method from molds created by him then goes in and intricately hand paints in the detail. The figures shown are the “stock, ready to ship” ones! But he definitely takes custom orders (for an additional cost, depends on the complexity of the design and added items to the figure) (these would be awesome Christmas gifts!) 

Show some love everyone :D these are seriously awesome. I appreciate and love other AC inspired artist!! 

Here is a link to “RezArmy” 


Thanks for looking!

Feel free to contact him through Etsy. 


Rasher Custom Request :]

Complete! (well all that is left is the finished painted base which will be added on later) 

I finally remembered to take photos of the armature, forms, and complete paint job without the sealant. 

I used different paint - I may switch over to Cel-Vinyl permanently for these types of projects. 

If you are interested in getting a villager for yourself please contact me here or via Etsy. 

Thanks for looking ! 



Lyman. The jock who says “chips” after every sentence. Lyman is yet another custom request that was completed and sent out not too long ago to his new home in Michigan, USA. 

Never had this lad in my town, but he’s a pretty cute koala. 

Any new custom requests from Nov-Dec 5th will schedule to ship out in January. I love making these little guys so don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you :3