Laharl the grumpy Christmas Lizard is back and this time he’s bringing a sale with him as well as a give away.

The Sale:

15% off everything in the store until December 1st! That includes Pillows, DS Cases, Buttons, Draw String Bags, and Cubies.

What You’ll Win:

  • First prize: Any DS Case or Pillow from our shop.
  • Second prize:  Five free buttons of your choice from our shop


  •  You don’t have be following us, but it would be much appreciated!
  • Only reblogs count, not likes
  • You can reblog as many times as you like
  • Make sure your askbox is open! If we don’t get a response within 3 days, we will pick another winner!

The contest will end Monday, December 1st! So reblog away!

Our shop!

Note: Ds cases are made to fit a 3DS XL so any 3DS, DSI, or DS will fit nicely in them. We’ve also seen them used for money, check books, cell phones, art supplies, and glasses, etc. DS cases do not fit PSPs or 2DSs, unfortunately.

Also, our shop will be shutting down December 15th for the holidays. If not sooner if we get a lot of orders.

Add my Secret Base! It’s located in the Secret Meadow!

All other trainers in my base have Blissey’s with Healing Wish so good levelling up place! My character is different from the others!

Here’s a Gameboy variant not a whole lot of people know about. It’s the Gameboy Light. Gameboy Lights were released only in Japan and came out after the Gameboy Pocket but only 6 months before the Color. They have a switch that has an option to turn on a backlight for the screen a feature that wouldn’t be seen in any other Gameboy model for another 5 years. This particular Pokèmon edition was only available at the Pokèmon center store in Tokyo. I think it’s cool how the battery light is right on Pikachus cheek.


i had like the greatest time with able (MY NEW BI FRIEND WOO FIRST BI FRIEND) and he taught me like a lot of glitches 


get on top of a building GLITCH

*you need a friend for this and throwing beans OR a shovel*

  1. go to the door of the building
  2. get your friend to be in front of you
  3. keep clicking A when you’re having beans or the shovel
  4. you’ll get to the top of the building after about 5 clicks of A

get in the ocean without a wet suit glitch

*you need a net for this*

  1. get to a straight part of the beach (shown in picture 1)
  2. hold A and walk very slowly at the same time
  3. you’ll start to go into the water 
  4. keep doing it and then you’ll be able to swim without wet suit

get in the river glitch

*you’ll need throwing beans, a shovel, and a friend for this*

  1. go the the river
  2. dig 2 holes next to you
  3. put your friend behind you
  4. throw beans by clicking A continuously until you get into the river
  5. you’ll be walking in the river instead of swimming

Nintendo Discontinuing 3DS XL in Japan?

It appears that Nintendo is discontinuing production of the Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan. Nintendo’s online store for Japan currently lists all colors of the Nintendo 3DS LL (XL for other regions) as “out of production.” However, the regular 3DS model appears to still be in production.

Go look!