3aib! How many times have we heard that from our Arab parents! Everything we say or do is somehow 3aib! And things that are normal to talk about in the society are completely 3aib to them. There are so many things I wish my parents have said to me as a child.

One thing that most Arab parents refuse to talk about with their kids is sex. I mean what is so taboo about sex. Why do Arab parents make providing the information such a big deal? I mean we see it almost everyday in movies. It’s such a natural thing that we have the right to know about as kids.

Parents have certain topics that they don’t want to talk about with their kids. I think that the stereotype given on Arab parents is true, but that’s not the point. The point is that Arab parents should communicate with their kids about what is going on around them and teach them everything themselves. 

anonymous asked:

Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them ?

No , love them? Tell them. Never be afraid to express. Mu 3aib fa why being scared?

4sixx asked:

Ba9ma esfheha 4allifeless ella tbi t6al3 fek 3aib😂 el7mdellah enk ashraf mnha w mn eli jabouha


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to7b girls be boobs w asses w kitha wala tkon 3adeya w cute? Fhemtane?

So2alk 3aib bs Ma ynf3 both ?😌😂