"Work In Progress", Jyri Straechav, 2013.

Just a preview of the sculpture I am working on right now. It’s going to be a full-body shot and I am yet unsure of the title… We’ll see. Anyway, this is untextured and generally very rough version of the sculpture and only a part of it. 

I just figured the more easily bored people will be tired of waiting, so I rendered this shot for you so you can guess what’s going on in this one. Aside from the usual tentacles, of course.

Well, we’ll see on Saturday with the finished piece if all works out. 


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If you’ve wondered what all the fuss around 3D Coat is, watch this demo.

It uses voxel instead of polys, so it’s like working with clay. Then it converts it to a poly mesh automatically.

A huge time saver.


retopologizing Rosa now.. I’m def not happy with everything as it is yet (armpit.. i’m looking at you >:|) but I want to make sure I get in the habit of posting progress!

Also I was curious about the way it would look flat so I did a quick color pass in Zbrush and ended up liking it a lot :)

"Misshapen", By Jyri Straechav, 2013. 3Dcoat, Sculptris, C4D, Photoshop

Hello. I’m back, well, not that I went anywhere. My finger is still broken, but as it’s the left hand index finger it mostly fucks up work and typing. Also climbing isn’t an option, dunno about lifting weights. I kind of doubt that I can squeeze very hard with my left hand so I guess that’s out too.

Anyway, this piece drove me insane. It was NOT supposed to be a portrait, but I really didn’t like where I was going with it. So I ended up zooming on his face and painting on a lot of detail and such because I really didn’t like the rest of him. 

It’s my first “portrait” in a long while, at least one that wasn’t just a “preview” of unfinished model. 

And yes, his skull is misshapen, and the proportions are weird, it wasn’t an accident.

"The Wretched", By Jyri Straechav, 2013. 3Dcoat, Sculptris, MARI, Cinema4D, Photoshop

This is my best piece so far. That my opinion and I’m sticking with it. I really like it myself, and I hope everyone else enjoys it as much. I’m going to post an “alternative crop” of the piece tomorrow or Friday’ish. Saturday, I’ll probably post my next piece as well. I started working on it today.

I’m calling it “Possessed”. It’ll have some tentacles. Maybe more. Okay, probably a ginormous number of tentacles. Just wait.

The alternative crop of this piece will concentrate on the guy’s upper body so you can appreciate all the details I worked on for so long.


FINALLY FINISHED THE TOPO!! Been stuck working on actual work this last week, so this project has been moving slower than I want it to :( I can’t wait to texture, though! I think comments are allowed on this, so if you have any crits on the progress so far please either comment or e-mail them to me (buttyell at gmail dot com). Thanks!

Oh and I feel bad about just posting technical stuff on an art blog so I included a sketch I made a couple of weeks ago :)

"The Messenger", By Jyri Straechav, 2013. 3DCoat, Sculptris, C4D, Photoshop

So… yeah. I think this might be my best piece so far. It also had some hilarious mishaps. I was rendering the final render so I could do some painting and fix it up properly, and then when I figured I’d have just about enough time left to have it painted I looked at the render.

And it was out of focus.

So, yeah, the guy was completely blurry. I also had no time to render a decent render with proper focus, as I had left it to the last minute. So I hit my head on the table - repeatedly and often - and then (after some bandages) I opened the render in Photoshop and ended up painting the whole damn thing by hand.

So, yeah, that was a lot of wasted work. But I do have to say I really think that the final piece was worth it. 


Dilophosaurus high and low modelling is finally finished. Retopped using a combo of 3D Coat and 3dsMax.

Well, mostly. The scale textures on the high poly needs a lot of work to make a decent normal map, but this is fine for my university milestone hand-in for now.

The low poly is 9.552 tris and has animation loops (that have yet to be tested but in theory they should work).

Next is unwrapping, texturing/map work, making a CAT rig, importing it into UDK and programming it to chase the player. And then I have to sort out all the presentation sheets, turntable etc. In between my FYP and writing a marketing plan for a game idea by a first year of course. Lots to do!

(Also really sorry for the obnoxious watermarks; I’ve spent a lot of time on this and I’m aware there are art thieves & “source changers” hanging around tumblr!)