3D Visualisation

The Harbor Service Building  |  Karim Moussa / Jimmy Vincente
Software: AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Vray, Photoshop
CG Architect Architectural 3D Awards 2014 - Image (Non-Commissioned) Nominee

- The Harbor Service Building aims to become not only a gateway, but also a destination, a metropolitan space for public use and access to the waterfront. Its mass creates a hybrid of typologies. Atop the urban podium sits a contorted crystal, connected by a large atrium. The podium allows for a new harbor park with expansive views towards the City and its harbor. A diamond- shaped depression within the podium anchors the building in the site, articulating the fork at the corner where site directionalities diverge. In contrast to the more stationary podium, the coiling mass containing the harbor offices is orientated to the most important directions of the site with hovering projections. The coiling of the tower creates a partially enveloped central plaza between the offices, which is articulated by a rusticated facade treatment, producing a distinct sense of cavernous interiority. Like a large amethyst geode, the monolithic nature of the exterior mass contrasts with the extremely ornate environment. The visual design is meant to compliment and celebrate the core concepts of the project in a unique and special approach, while highlighting its key features and representing it with a real sense of space and design, that emphasize the emotive qualities and leaves the viewer with a strong experience.


3D visualisation of Apollo 11 landing site using LRO data


Rebirth of the Bath House  |  Bodega & Piedrafita Ar​chitects
​Fabrizio Devoto, Pablo Bodega, Guillermo Piedrafita, Leandro Villalba, Nicolas Rudolph
Location: Liepaja, Latvia

4 ways technology is changing baseball

In this day and age it is impossible to imagine a life without smartphones. They follow us everywhere and enable us to track and measure just about any activity we can imagine.

Around 50 million people used mobile apps to track their fitness activity, some as stand-alone apps, but others connect to wearables that saw a 32 percent increase in sales in the last year. More than 77 percentof these…

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Client: Geroldinger GmbH.
Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Job: COMPANY DNA, B2B Mailing, Invitation, 3D Models, Renderings,
parts of an industrial plant showing the functions of the machine.
+ transparent layers allow some insight into the machine
Concept/Idea: D. Stockenhuber
Art Director, CD, 3D Artist: D. Stockenhuber
Year: 2008-2013

Maison Du Batiment D'Aquitaine - FFB  |  NADAU LAVERGNE studio
Location: Bordeaux, France  |  Link: Video
- Executive Creative Director + Postproduction : Pawel Podwojewski
- Art Director / Lead Digital Artist: Dmitriy Belozertsev


My final design studio of my bachelor degree. This is a theatre project located in Melbourne CBD. The design challenges the conventional concept of theatre which only serves the paid visitors. This was achieved by a dual-opening fly tower in which connects the theatre auditorium to the public space. The concept of double skin creates a dialogue between its external form and the theatre volume. Its elegance and simplexity transcends the architecture into a piece of public sculpture and attractive public space which provide a day time presence to a night time building like theatre.