Ruby is hopping away!

Trading: Ruby, the super cute peppy rabbit!
Looking for: Zell (instant yes), Genji, Apple, Tangy, Wendy, Roscoe, wishlist items or bells! 
Move date: 9/13 in real life, EST. Willing to TT!
Additional info: It’s time for Ruby to spread the news about Vanilla! I don’t think she’s 100% original, but I’m pretty sure most of her house is intact. If you offer a villager they will be going to my second town! c:
tumblr URL: here
Mayor Name/Town Name: Emily/Vanilla and Ahna/Mana
FC: 3926-5992-4095 and 0791-3277-6566

It’s the summer before Buffy starts college, and she’s making the most of it – spending a lot of time with her newly mated vampire lover, who’s made it his mission to get the Slayer to embrace her true nature. [Sequel to Snapshot. Becomes an AU re-write of Season 4, minus Riley and The Initiative.] 

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Excited about one of my fave shops from Lafayette opening in New Orleans… #Repost from @redarrowworkshop with @repostapp —- We are officially open for business at 3926 Magazine Street in New Orleans! Our Grand Opening celebration will be 5-9pm on Saturday, October 4 (two weeks from today) during Art for Art’s Sake. Mark your calendars, y’all! We’re gonna have wine, spirits and real Cajun food served by real Cajuns! In the meantime, stop on by for a preview of the shop and visit with us! #cajun #magazinestreet #neworleans #nola #iheartnola #cajuninvasion #new #shopnola #open #retail

Break Time and Play Time
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by arenah129

You and Eren are in a meadow and overhear a couple having some “fun” while on break.
You soon discover who that couple is and pay the consequences for spying on them… in their own way.

Words: 3926, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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New Branch Executive at Globe Boys and Girls Club

The Globe Branch of the East Valley Boys and Girls Clubs has hired a new Branch Executive. Amanda Mowrey is a Globe native. She graduated from Globe High School in 2008. After college she spent two years teaching English in Mexico and in Africa.

For more information about the Globe Branch call 928-793-3926.