This is a old youtube video of mine. I only had it online for about 2 weeks. Thou it says it’s still online. I tried to find a way to bring back deleted videos. But it comes up video url is malformed or video not found. It is there thou. I found videos and things but still no luck. Maybe it’s just too old. Video from 2008. It was basicly my mom and she was having one of her extremely rare caffeine high things were she doesn’t remember afterwards. It was hilarious.

If anyone knows how to bring it back i’d be really grateful :) ???

Last Before First
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by sal_si_puedes

Two years ago Mike left Harvey without a word, without an explanation. Now he’s back. Will Harvey be able to forgive him?

Words: 3799, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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松下 NR-C26WP1-W 256L 三门风冷冰箱 ¥3799

立即购买 @ 京东商城

        松下 NR-C26WP1-W 256L 三门风冷冰箱采用了现在流行的全新风冷技术,采用多风道立体送风,柔和风力不直接作用于果蔬,减少冰箱内部温度波动,制冷、无霜、保鲜效果更佳。内置松下自家的变频压缩机,可实现低转速与高转速出色运转,配合冰箱内部温度,做出适当的调节,制冷效果好,保鲜又静音。总容积为 256升,分3门,能效等级 1 级,耗电量  0.68KWh/24h。

        京东商城 上现在报价¥3799,链接在此,需要注意这样的大件某些地方不支持配送的,如果有什么问题可以到WO!问频道提问,买到了什么好东西可以到WO!晒频道晒单分享。

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Deals: EOS 5D Mark III Body & With Lens Kits from

Deals: EOS 5D Mark III Body & With Lens Kits from

If the brand new EOS 7D Mark II isn’t for you, maybe the full-frame EOS 5D Mark III is. There are a couple of returning deals on the body only as well as the 24-105 f/4L IS kits via ebay.

From 6ave (99.2% approval)
Canon EOS 5D Mark III body $2598 (Reg $3199)

From electronicsvalley (99.6% approval)
Canon EOS 5D Mark III w/24-105 f/4L IS $2899 (Reg $3799)

*as always, these are likely grey market and…

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