Second nature

They haven’t been this loud in a while, the voices. Stringing words together to make a sentence. Abstract, different yet the same. There is no safe place


I see you’re one of my new followers, so hello there. Your blog is kinda vintage looking, has pretty pictures and I like that. Also you’re in love with 5SOS and like I’m in love with them too so that’s cool. But hey, welcome to my so called blog, and I hope you enjoy it xx

AUS $500 - $1500 (GB £290 - £570) for 5 second meet and greet with Demi not including a concert ticket

AUS $7250 ( GB £3796.57) for a Demi meet and greet in her dressing room - not including concert ticket

Well done HWR well fucking done. Just charge the earth in a country she’s never toured before.

Also who even has that kind of money?

I dread to think what the prices will be when she comes back to the UK