Second nature

They haven’t been this loud in a while, the voices. Stringing words together to make a sentence. Abstract, different yet the same. There is no safe place


I see you’re one of my new followers, so hello there. Your blog is kinda vintage looking, has pretty pictures and I like that. Also you’re in love with 5SOS and like I’m in love with them too so that’s cool. But hey, welcome to my so called blog, and I hope you enjoy it xx

I told my therapist I hate myself. She said everyone has insecurities. No you don’t get it this is more than just a stupid insecurity I hate myself inside and out every little microscopic thing about me is fucked up and horrible and I would give anything to be anyone else but I’m stuck being me and it sucks okay? It just sucks.

Confession #3796

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An Eternity To Love starts right at the end of Chosen and then goes completely AU. Something completely changes right at the end that will change all the Scoobies lives forever. What will happen to our favourite couple, how will they co-exist when an enemy they thought was gone forever comes back for revenge?

Read this and watch the story be revealed right before you eyes.

Read it at Elysian Fields: http://dark-solace.org/elysian/viewstory.php?sid=3796&chapter=5

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STAR ラグラン L.



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