This may be my favorite costume ever on the show (surpassing Mulan’s, possibly). It fits into the styles we’ve seen yet stands apart as a unique offering.

The blouse is a delicate, feminine eyelet, loose and comfortable. The blue vest is really striking, not a color we’ve seen very often in the Enchanted Forest. The asymmetrical front is not something I remember seeing before either. It’s incredibly flattering and, again, unusual. The frog closures are familiar, frequently seen on men’s doublets in the Enchanted Forest, but not so close together. I love the contrast in details of the belt and the gauntlets.

And I included the picture of the back because it shows wear and dirt. That’s the sort of costuming detail I love best.

As an aside, I really think this costume is unique enough that we probably can’t guess in advance that Emma is paralleling any specific character. (In my opinion, it makes sense that Emma, who is so central to the show’s mythology, would have a completely new role to play, but we’ll find out on Sunday!)


how e xactl y is laura/clint naming their child after clint’s best frie n d misogynistic? ? ?