365followers asked:

hello, i am following a new positive and influential person everyday for a year and I was hoping you would be my 4th day! i was recommended to come here by pscarina and she said you are a wonderful person so i was hoping you would please accept me and maybe suggest someone you like. 365followers :)

This is so adorable <3 It was very nice to come home to this after a terrible night at work. I think I’d have to recommend viscoid, Meghan is so amazing and kind-hearted, I’ve looked up to that girl for so long.

And I’d like to thank pscarina for recommending me, she’s perfect. <3


My day three follower is going to be http://pscarina.tumblr.com/ she seems to be very cool and down to earth. Her pictures are also very interesting and I will have more to reblog now. The theme of happiness and joy is something to be admired. everyone go check her out!