Illumination- (Day 75/365)  ”Why I Love Design”

This afternoon I found myself reflecting on why I feel so strongly about creating. After a minute or so, this is what I came up with.

Creativity has always been my safety net. It is my dearest and most loyal friend. In the empty moments of life art forgives our faults and it transforms us.

I feel so fortunate to have found a relationship with creativity early in life. My love for design and fashion has helped me survive every transition in my life. It illuminates my dark areas.

Bottom line: The reason I love design is because it is so distinctly a part of who I am, I couldn’t possibly have a doubt that it is not my purpose on this earth to create.

Love, JS

(Illumination- Day 22/365) ” Ceramic Dinnerware”

Rain drop shapes have always been a go-to shape of mine while sketching. So, for this dinnerware set I took the shape and ran with it! Painting my own dinnerware was exciting because it will stand unique from anything I will ever buy in a store. But, I have to guard them with my life to avoid any feared plate breakage scenarios! If you flip these guys over, I also added one of my favorite quotes on the back side of each plate. Love, JS

Illumination-(Day 61/365) “Be Inspired”

Inspiration is around every corner if we open our eyes.

Your friend’s backyard.

A nostalgic memory.

The Farmer’s Market in July.

The places and memories that make us feel alive.

This is our Inspiration.

Love, JS

(Illumination-Day 30/365) “Paint Your Feelings”

A friend of mine from Fayetteville had been asking me continuously to do a painting for him. One day, I showed up to my apartment door and saw two canvases propped against the wood frame. When you are given two free canvases, you have no option but to take advantage of them! I made this acrylic painting on finals week at 2am during a study break. I decided to be like a little hippy and just “paint my feelings”. It turned being a really neat piece! 2am can be some people’s creative prime.Not only did it light up my friend’s life, but it lit up my study break time. Love,JS


Illumination- (Day 63/365) “Recycled Necklace”

A magazine pack rat. That is exactly what I am.

But, I’ve recently been learning the concept of “less is more”. So, this habit must  unfortunately be terminated.

"Well, what should I do with this generous stack of catalogs?" I ask myself.

"Parting with them at the dumpster side would just be too emotionally taxing."

So, I decided to make a necklace instead. It was a fair trade.

Love, JS