Yesterday was a nonstop 12 hour marathon of rehearsing and making set with my group. We did pretty well tbh, and we even managed to get our first run in and I’m feeling a lot better. Lines need work (but that’s okay), there are few transitions to work on and then it’s just character work. We’re running at about 38 minutes - it can be 35 max but once everything is smoother it should be 33-35minutes which is perfect.

I’m just so tired.

Big technical rehearsal today. I’m quite excited - haven’t played with a lighting board since A Level!

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(tumblr is stupid. i have 35minutes before i gotta go so it’s ok)

Saturday 21st November.

Southern Cross Station from Melbourne to Moss Vale 10 hour journey unfortunately a 35minute delay due to heat restrictions as the track started to buckle.

Moss Vale -Albion Park by coach 1hr journey, with a few hare-pin bends through Moreton National Park.

Albion Park by coach to Berry our destination. Arrived 10.30pm picked up by Mandy our helpx host.