Fit Diary September 14th Name change, Starting fresh, No more counting, 35lbs till my goal.

I decided to restart my fitness/journal this time stay committed. If anyone saw my last post, I gained a ton of weight from camp. Around 16lbs in 10 days, but that was because i was binge eating constantly. It was disgusting looking back at it. That was the past, and in those 2 months i’m slowly recovering. 

The reason i restarted is because starting tomorrow I am no longer counting calories, no longer wasting time on mfp, mpa,etc,etc looking at before and afters. I want to be my inspiration, then inspire others like they have now. I want a healthier way of documenting my journey so I can be happy. I’m not longer IF in the morning. It doesn’t make sense to eat all my calories in the morning. So now i’ll just have 16/8 window, I can eat from 12pm-6pm or 1 meals when i get from school.

I’ll be candid and for the last week i’ve had temptations of undereating. Going back to mfp, I got inspired by one members(maybe 3). I would binge watch supersize vs skinny, to see how the anorexics stayed slim, and it was not healthy. I do want to be thin badly, but i also want to look back and know i did it healthily.

Then I realized at the end of the day they gain it all back, I don’t plan on ever having that again. I did enough research, so i’ll try to eat 1000-1200 calories a day to loose 2-3lbs, no exercising just walking so i’m not stressing my body. I wanna start yoga, and will definitely have to eat more when i join track. I didn’t pick 1000-1200 to starve myself, but that’s the amount i can it without force feeding myself. I will post a couple of meals to show you guys, but i just don’t want weight loss and dieting to consume my life. Since now without anything related to weight, i don’t know what to do and that’s sad. So let’s start fresh with this journey.

June 16th I was 186-190lbs, and as of today I am 170-175, I am doing no weigh September so i won’t know my weight until October 1st. Getting rid of the scale has improved my life so much, so I hope getting rid of calories and focusing on portions will to. My first goal weight is 155lbs, my second goal weight is 150lbs and my UGW is 140lbs. 

My tumblr was previously called 60lbs to cleanse, but with a lot of research(fitspos hahah) I think 140l is suitable for me. I used a calculator, and it said I would be 140lbs on my birthday. So my new goal is to loose 35lbs in 4 months. My weight loss was not linear, but I hope clean eating, lots of water, sleep,yoga, and being active will get me there by then. I’m willing to wait until march, which would be my 1 year ketoversary. 

So i’m really looking forward to starting this journey again. Here are my guidelines and rules I plan to follow.

No matter what I eat, I make sure to have

  • 2 servings of protein per day - 1 chicken thigh, 2 beef patties, 6 slices of bacon, 1 pork chop, 1 tiliapia fish, 1/2lb ground beef with at least/most 3 eggs(i have a lot of eggs)
  • 3 servings of vegetables -  2 cups of spinach, 8 romaine lettuce leaves, 1 cup of kale(occasional), Collard leafs 3-4 leafs
  • 3-5 servings of fat-  So Ghee, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Fish Oil, Bacon fat, Other animal fat. No Canola or Soybean oil.
  • 3000mg of sodium- If I have less than 2300mg I get tired and my blood pressure fucks up.
  • 3L of waters a day- Holy fuck being dehydrated is shit.
  • No more than 2 servings outside of home- This is something I need to listen to. Binge eating was always triggered in public. Even today when my friend offered me food, if it’s food I want/like/can eat I grab it without hesitation. That is not bad, but you I don’t need multiple servings. I don’t need to eat till i’m full. I don’t have to eat food people offer me. For me to maintain my weight loss, I have to learn to eat less and still be satisfied. Learn I don’t have to eat everything.
  • Sleep More- I tend to get 6-7 hours, but I plan to get start getting 8-9. My laptop is the biggest distraction.
  • Be Active- Get my 10k steps and walk at least 35 miles a day.

That’s it, i need to study so i’ll update my stats tomorrow. Let’s do this together, I hope my tumblr family grows in the processs, even though i have no phone/ipod I promose to update daily. Let’s see if I can fry 100lbs and be happy once in for all :)

✨Kicking off Transformation Tuesday✨
The left picture was right after my 35lbs weight loss ! So I’m the SAME weight in both pictures! Crazy right? 👍 Awesome thing is…the scale STOPPED moving but the inches kept dropping! So..if you’re like me..I lose more inches than pounds ..don’t PANIC 😌✨ Results are still happening if you are following the plan! 💚🍃 Herbaliiiife🍃 by thoroughbred1913

Fit Diary september 16

Today was a great day,but i kinda binged.

My mom made chicken thighs and i had 3-4 thighs and mhmmm they were good. Had 3 egg omelet and friend spinach. I’m pretty sure i hit 1200 calories which is good. It’s hard to break habbits, but i’m starting to get better at not obsessing over calories. I really want to get good at eating macros, so i’m definitely going to make that a goal. I got tempted to purge, and i did a little but it wasn’t successful which is a yay. I don’t know why portion sizes are so hard, but i’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Got signed up for drivers ed, so by January i might be on the road so happy. I walked 31k steps today, i’m proud of myself on that. Get to go to the mall, i noticed even though i HATE junk food I can still fan girl over them. I was able to eat some breaded chicken and nuts without freaking out, so i’m really proud of myself on that too. 

People keep commenting on my weight, even though it’s something i really want i’m starting to also hate it simultaneously. I’m going to go on r/xxketo then do some reading(probably not). Going to officially start studying korean tomorrow so yay.


Go purge free

Control protein portions

Start reading and studying korean 

stop Obsessing over calories

Enjoy life

*i entered my food on mfp and fuck it i’m proud of what i ate and would do it all over again :3 I only feel bad for eating so much of other peoples chicken hehehe.