Fox’s The Maze Runner ended up on the high end of this morning’s estimate and after its core audience came out on Saturday night to give the sci-fi actioner around a 20% boost, it will likely run in with $32.5M to $33M+. Grosses from 48 more international markets will be reported tomorrow; Maze Runner opened last weekend overseas to very strong numbers. The adaptation of the YA novel by James Dashner tracked better with males than Divergent did, but it still garnered interest from young females. Probably because of Dylan O’Brien (of MTV’s Teen Wolf).
—  Deadline (x)

California blue whales bounce back to near historic numbers

Researchers believe that California blue whales have recovered in numbers and the population has returned to sustainable levels.

Scientists say this is the only population of blue whales to have rebounded from the ravages of whaling.

The research team estimate that there are now 2,200 of these giant creatures on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean.

But concerns remain about their vulnerability to being struck by ships.

At up to 33m in length and weighing in at up to 190 tonnes, blue whales are the largest animals on the planet.

The California variety is often seen feeding close to the coast of the state, but they are found all the way from the Gulf of Alaska down to Costa Rica.

Writing in the journal, Marine Mammal Science, researchers from the University of Washington say the California blue whales are now at 97% of their historical levels.

Read more here.

(via Orca Network)

Text credit: Matt McGrath

Photo credit: UWNews

Diane Reed LOVES Rumbelle……

  1. Once Upon A Fan ‏@OnceUponAFan  34m

    The lovely @DianeJReed has just finished interviewing @AdamHorowitzLA and @jollychan4 for #OnceUponAFan. Thanks for all your questions.

  2. @OnceUponAFan @DianeJReed @AdamHorowitzLA @jollychan4

    Any about Rumbelle? Or Belle and Rumple separately?

******* @OnceUponAFan @AdamHorowitzLA @jollychan4 

Yes indeed—there’ll be plenty to love about Rumbelle & the characters separately!

Halloween Movie List For My Movie Nights w/ Lindsey

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So, I bought an Imp to represent an OC of mine who’s supposed to have huge wings. Lo and behold, at one month of age, his measurements are—

Length 31.81M Wingspan15.33M Weight 7842.33KG

….. ::sighs::

數位學習---21-Day Drawing Challenge COMPLETE

21-Day Drawing Challenge COMPLETE | 1.2GB
Duration: 33m 44s | Video: AVC (.mp4) 1280x720 30fps | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch
Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English
Drawing and creativity are critical parts of human communication and personal expression, and are essential for success in every profession. Drawing is especially valuable because it improves hand-eye coordination, as well as your understanding of form and shape.
It also lets you quickly communicate ideas that may be difficult to put into words. To help you hone your skills, Von Glitschka has developed the 21-Day Drawing Challenge. The goal isn’t to turn you into a professional illustrator or fine artist-it’s about improving your drawing skills and creative thinking, no matter if you’re an expert or have never drawn more than a doodle on a notepad.
Von will assign you a drawing challenge for each day. Take the time you need to finish each challenge, and then watch the video where Von shares his own hand-drawn solution. There are no right answers here; his solutions should serve as inspiration! For more encouragement, look no further than the chapter on inspiring drawers. Each movie profiles a different artist, including people like Kate Bingaman Burt and Mattias Adolfsson. So, step up to the plate.

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El Real Madrid aplastó al Deportivo La Coruña

Real Madrid le propinó hoy una categórica goleada a Deportivo La Coruña, cuyo arquero es el argentino Germán Lux, por 8-2, de visitante, en un partido que le dio continuidad a la cuarta fecha de la Liga Española de fútbol de Primera División.

El portugués Cristiano Ronaldo, elegido mejor jugador del mundo 2013 por la FIFA, convirtió tres tantos (29m. PT, 41m. PT y 33m. ST), mientras que en dos ocasiones dijeron presente en la red el galés Gareth Bale (21m. ST y 29m. ST) y el mexicano Javier ‘Chicarito’ Hernández (43m. ST y 47m. ST), y el colombiano James Rodríguez anotó el restante (36m. PT).

En tanto, para La Coruña, donde Lux fue titular al igual que Luis Fariña, descontaron el bosnio Haris Medunjanin (6m. ST de penal) y el español Toché (39m. ST).

Con este resultado, Real Madrid, que venía de dos derrotas al hilo ante Atlético en el clásico y Real Sociedad, llegó a 6 puntos para ubicarse a tres de Barcelona, que mañana visitará a Levante. Por su parte, La Coruña quedó con 4.

Más tarde jugarán Atlétic de Bilbao-Granada; Atlético Madrid-Celta y Espanyol-Málaga; mientras que mañana se medirán Real Sociedad-Almería; Villarreal-Rayo Vallecano; Córdoba-Sevilla y Levante-Barcelona. La fecha se completará el lunes con Getafe-Valencia.

A través deó-al-deportivo-la-coruña de
80x80 pixel portrait challenge 6/17 : Mabari

6/17 completed - Mabari, an homage to my favorite ever, Dragon Age: Origins. Mastiffs are delightful to draw! It’s hard to tell how he feels, but once you get to know him you know he’s always “smiling” on the inside.

I’m drawing 80x80 pictures of all of my neopets. owo Why 80x80? Why, because it’s the best portrait size! The same size as items, trophies, and petpets (and petpetpets, interestingly). I have some pets I have never ever drawn. Never. Ever. This shall change that and have them sitting all pretty on my lookup!

Feel free to join my challenge: Draw an 80x80 picture of every one of your pets! The 80x80 challenge. Neopian artists, I DOUBLE DARIGAN DARE YOU


Mabari the Wise Warhound
Time: 33m 42s
ShiPainter Pro
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U2 Adapting to Today's Music Business

It has been more than a week since Apple’s 9/9 keynote and as the company releases more information about U2’s latest album release it becomes clearer what a great move the Irish band made.

Album sales were decreasing each decade: 25M (87’), 12M (00’) and 5M (09’) so being able to put Songs of Innocence in front of 500M users made sense. There were 200 000 downloads in the first day and Apple claims that 33M users have accessed the album, overall a huge increase in exposure for the band.

For now selling physical music is not going to provide artists the revenue they were able to make during the pre-Internet era and instead of entering the delusional world where everything would magically fix itself, U2 chooses a different approach: this being so, now what? The band is looking for alternate revenue streams, currently they are making money from the deal with Apple ($100M according to the NYT) and older hits are starting to reappear into the top charts in many countries (providing royalties).

The future holds many more opportunities for U2 to make the most of the “free” album, Guy Oseary, the band’s manager acknowledges there is still more to come. What would that be? Releasing a special edition of Songs of Innocence on the iStore? Another huge tour (they made more than $700M on the last one)? We will know that when the time comes.

Country music and tourism: Heels and reels

Even the buskers are good in Nashville COUNTRY MUSIC manages to be both hugely popular and utterly unfashionable. Toby Keith, a former oil worker from Oklahoma whose songs include “I Like Girls That Drink Beer”, made $65m last year: more than the Rolling Stones, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé or any rapper. Yet some people have never heard of him. Tim McGraw, a lesser country star who made only $33m last year, recently told the Wall Street Journal that he used to take his young daughters on tour with him, but “now they’re too cool”.“Nashville” is also uncool. Yet viewers in 50 countries are addicted to this grand old soap opera about musicians with big voices, big hair and even bigger personal problems. And that is good news for Nashville, the city. Because since ABC first broadcast “Nashville” in 2012, hordes of fans from all over the world have flocked to the capital of country music to see where their favourite characters sang, brawled and stole each other’s boyfriends.On a bus tour around the sets, two Swedish ladies gush that they watch “Nashville” because Deacon Claybourne, a character played by Chip Esten, is…